If there was no change that we could preceive in which to measure time. Would it still exist?

Asked by: sapere_aude
  • If it is a subjective experience, then yes

    I pose the next example: a man is betting nearer to a black hole until time "ceases to exist". Nevertheless, that would be his subjective experience, because for us, the observers, he would act as being "frozen", incapable of movement. In a blink of an eye he would see the universe die and he would stay in perpetual timelessness.

  • Time is a tool.

    Don't let yourself be confined by your understanding of the way things work. Physical things are merely the collapse of psychic reality. Time is a function of relativity, and should only be seen as a single, two-dimensional line to determine one's relative position in it.
    Therefore, there doesn't have to be a first occurrence, because there is only now. Quantum Theory/Mechanics.

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