If there was no religion, would there be any reason to kill each other?

  • Of course there could be.

    An important note is that most wars are secular. They're over issues like territory and resources like oil. It's ridiculous to blame all war on religion. I actually talked about this with someone the other day. The person claimed that no one actually thinks that religion is the reason for all war. Now I have proof that some do think so.

  • Only 4% of historical wars were motivated by religion

    3% if you do not include Islam. The major Western religions have been responsible for less deaths than the religion of Militant Atheism, embodied by Stalin, but also by Pol Pot and Mao Tse Tung.

    Of course, whether or not a point of view leads to societal suffering does not mean one shouldn't believe in it. Darwinism motivated the Nazis to kill people thought of as racially inferior to them, but people don't disbelieve in Darwinism because of that.

  • Drugs? Criminal gangs?

    Of course so! Religion is not the one and every issue with the world. It's far more complex than that. There are many criminals who are atheist and they kill because they know there is no punishment in hell awaiting them. They don't fear god's wrath and they fear no consequences.

    Also drugs and alcohol are stimulants and addictive substances. They can create a state in which people will steal and murder for it. Intoxicated junky's kill desperate for cash to feed their addictions. They create a black market in which gangs shoot each other for control over it.

    Also money, territory, and greed is something enough for people to kill over even without the need of drugs and religion.

  • Redrum redrum REDRUM!

    There are so many reasons people kill each other and unfortunately in plenty of cases it is religion. This certainly does not mean all though, in fact many religions teach the complete opposite. Just look at animals. They kill each other all without rime or reason much of the time and you don't see them building churches. Murder is something primal, calculated and even sometimes accidental

  • Unfortunately, people have their reasons.

    I'm not saying their reasons excuse them for murdering someone else, but if religion didn't exist, people would still have their reasons to do so.

    For example, just wanting to kill someone. Or there was a robbery and the burglar just decided to kill the person as well. Or an abusive spouse killing their husband/wife and/or children. Or for revenge. There are multiple reasons.

    Religion can be one reason that people kill, among others.

  • Religion is just the face that leaders use

    Religion, in and of itself does not make the world a better or poorer place. Just look back at all the recent wars and tell which ones were caused by religion. Leaders will cynically employ any mechanism which allows them to control their subjects including leading them to war if it’s in their interest. Religion is one of the tools they use, but in its absence powerful elites will harness other ideologies (eg. Nationalism or communism) to the same effect.

  • There was war before there will be war after.

    Religion is used and has been used as an excuse to kill people. However, there are a lot of other reasons that someone would want to kill these range from protection to resources etc. Basically it comes down to survival, we are animals and we want to survive. No matter what society it is, as long as we do not educate we will have killings.

  • Of course their would.

    There are many crimes committed by many people for many different reasons. People kill for money, for love, and in extreme cases fun. Religion does create combat between people just like every other opinion in this world. If there was no religion, peoples crave for money and power would not be effected.

  • It is a simply an aspect of the human condition.

    Whilst religion has undoubtedly been the cause of countless conflicts, hate-crimes, murder and so on, there are many other things which drive people to murder. Simple things like greed have resulted in armed robberies or thefts which left people dead. Some may kill to protect personal property, others may kill out of hatred or racism. There are simply so many factors which need not be related to religion. Honestly, this question is common sense, and not worthy of much debate.

  • Religion isn't the 'Cause' of war, just the front of it

    There is never a good reason to kill each other, this is a fact. I presume the question is referring to the old 'religion causes all wars' statement. The fact is the conflicts 'caused' by religion would almost certainly have happened anyway, just under a different guise (culture, politics, ideologies, region, tribal, resource, trade etc.). So to wrap up my statement religion was never the cause of war, just the cardboard cut-out used to make a war look more just than it was.

  • No, there would not be.

    People kill only because God tells them to. If there were no religion, God would no longer tell people what to do. Therefore, no one would be told to murder anyone else. In general, it is not possible to commit crimes unless you are religious. Secular people never commit murder.

  • Religion is Often Abused

    The facts are that we've had a lot of wars, and most of the reasons for thrm starting in the first place is religion . The war on Terrorism, the Crusades, Iraq, Isreal, aspects of WWlI, and many more.
    But this is not that fault of reilgion, as such. Its the fault of twisted individuals abusing religion. Like Osama Bin Laden and his Terrorist Organisations. They claimed they were very religious, but they weren't because most religions teach peace and equality. And their suicide bombers commited one of the modt shameful sins - taking life without Allahs consent.
    So, you see, I have no problem with religion, but I do think that to many evil people use it as a way to bribe, minipulate, and plant bad ideas into the minds of the faithful. But despite this, religion has been the source of many evils... L

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