• Yes, Religion is basically the only reason there are wars.

    The "No" arguments basically say not all wars are based on religion. But the further you dig into the layers of reasoning behind war, religion always ends up showing its ugly face. Religion is war, the people who say otherwise are more following idiots that will defend it in fear of going to "hell". The world would be a much more peaceful place without religion. Less fear, less crime and less hate in a world without religion. Everyone would be accepted, and or eventually be accepted as with religion they(we) will never evolve because of them. For now, we are stuck in the dark ages, a world of war until the religions die off.

  • less radicals equals more peace

    Some people just take their beliefs to far. They get upset that not everyone thinks like they do. They think they feel this inner peace and they want everyone to feel it. That is until people do things that go ageist their beliefs. Then, they get enraged and start doing things that go against what they say they believe. They tell other people who believe what they do, and get them riled up. The group of people then take to the streets, causing chaos everywhere they go. That is how wars start. The world would be a much better place if people would just except that we all have different beliefs. It is OK that people believe in God, and it is OK that people do not believe in God.

  • Religion create hate

    Religion have since the start of the history only created wars and rarely peace. Religion is for people who are to selfish to realise that life is just here and now, And there is nothing more special about it. We are not so perfectly created that our magical soul goes up to God in his paradise.

  • No it won't

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  • Religion is a tool for corrupt people to make money in easy way

    No more people pray for such a stupid things like woods cat or even drinks a piss just only do for god or spend a lot of money just to buy such a stupid things like things to do in ceremony etc. So y don u stop give a shit about it and make your life better like find/do a jobs collecting money for future life with wife whatever. . . .

  • No religion no crime

    100 percent of terrorist they are Muslim. Like Al Qaeda, Taliban and IS all of them are terrorist that do a chaos around the world and Muslim is the religion that racist at woman and LGBT. For other religion like Buddhism they make people hail cow and drink a fockin cow PISS for Christ Many Father are suck they do rape and many crime so if the world have no religion is mean no terrorist and crime and stupid things!

  • One less excuse for the war-makers to use

    If everyone can simply believing in God without trying to find something to back up their own faith, Then yes, There will be more peace in this world. When the politicians and war-makers (war-lords) are not able to use religion as an excuse to order people giving their lives for their selfish purpose, E. G. Power, People will spend more time to love each other, Than hating each other. Can people believe in God without identifying themselves in any religion? Yes, It is possible and the time is coming. I believe, If I can travel back in time to ask Jesus if he wants religion in this world, He will rather see his children following be his teaching of benevolence rather than turning the back from him, Hurting each other in his name.

  • If you believe in God then you should believe in Santa Claus too

    When I ask the people who believe in God if they believe in Santa Claus they all laugh as if I'm joking. . . But I try to explain the meaning behind Santa Clause is to make kids behave all year long, Do good and at the end of the year you will be rewarded with presents. . . Sounds a lot like the same thing about God. . . Do good all your life and you will be rewarded at the end

  • Yes yes yes

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  • Yes, It would.

    There hundreds of religions and thousands of believes since the beginning of men's era but the world never have a real peace, Murders thieves, Liars, Corruptors, Wars etc. Still remain in the world until nowadays.
    It proved that a pile of shit things called "religions" never made the world better, Never and will never give the world real peace.
    Besides, I didn't mention wars, Kills and all bad behaviors in the name of fuckin religion yet.

  • not at all

    no, even if there was not any religion in the world, there would still be a whole lot of fighting just from the different race groups and from the different ideas that the people would still have, and i do not think that there is any way that you can change.

  • The world would not be more peaceful if there was no religion.

    The world would not be more peaceful if there were no religion.In order to feel peaceful a society and its people need to feel secure.Religion in and of itself works to give iits people a sense of security and peacefulness that they would not otherwise have if they did not have religion.

  • No, the world would not be more peaceful without religion.

    I do not believe the world would be more peaceful without religion. While religion is the cause of some wars, I do think that if religion were to not exist, it would be replaced by another catalyst to which people will start wars with. I think that the idea of a world without war is not realistic.

  • Religion is not a driving cause of war.

    Religion is a tool that can be used to wage war and to build coalitions, but no matter the religious expression or lack thereof, war occurs regardless of whether religion is an element or not. The belief that one is absolutely right and must stop those who are wrong or evil is a state associated with religious figures, but intolerance of other viewpoints and unwillingness to compromise is the driver of war.

  • No. Just no.

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  • “The world would not be a more peaceful place without religion”

    Is religion a force of good or evil? A controversial question at times, But one that can't be avoided in the modern world. From violence and terror to gender equality, To science, Reason, And education - the faithful and the faithless tend to repeatedly clash over whether religion is a net positive or negative, Whether it helps humanity more than it hurts it.

    "Religion is both a force of good and evil because religion is a man-made institution, And human beings are both good and evil, " one great scholar said. In this paragraph, I will refer to them as atheists accusing religion of starting wars, In my opinion, They are not entirely wrong but in the end, With all wars, There are conflicts of different societies more than just religion, But they are not wrong that there are wars due to religion. From the Crusades in 1095 right up to the present day, We’ve seen conflict waged in the name of religion. And while many believe conflicts would still happen without religion and that faith is actually a great promoter of peace, For others, The two simply cannot be separated.

    But on the other hand, Speaking as a religious person one would say that the conventional wisdom has it that the world’s most of the devastating wars have been fought on religious grounds. History, However, Is replete with examples of conflicts without religious tones. God did not create people like the angels, Devoid of any intrinsically irrational attributes. Neither was it in His plan to create homogeneous humankind. God, However, Endowed His human creation with the power to discern the good from the evil and the right from the wrong. While the characterization of human life as “solitary, Poor, Nasty, Brutish and short” is an over exaggeration, People, By God’s design, Remain diverse in every possible configuration.

    Furthermore, Religion is not the cause of conflict. It comes down to us humans and our desire to want to be in control. Christians read the story of Adam and Eve and the fall as humans seeking control away from God. This brought chaos to their lives and subsequently to whatever was around them. Then Jesus came and restored the peace so what a religious believer would say that if God thinks that he is in the wrong he will send someone to help.

    I will finish with a quote from Montesquieu “Religious wars are not caused by the fact that there is more than one religion, But by the spirit of intolerance. . . The spread of which can only be regarded as the total eclipse of human reason. ”

  • The same Worldview

    If religion was out of the equation that would mean that everyone would have an atheistic worldview. People would have to be consistent in this. It means that we were an accident. That means that there is no right or wrong. Who has the right to tell us what is right or wrong? It would mean survival of the fittest. We are naturally selfish. There is no denying that. We would want to be number 1. Remember that Hitler was an atheist and he believed in natural selection. And Stalin. And Mao. Look at the havoc they created.

  • Only based on attitude:

    If you believe in a religion, then so be it. People should believe of what they believe. You should't argue if there is a God or not as it is your own opinion. Also, it is based on your attitude: you shouldn't judge on someone because of their belief, just be kind to them and respect it.

  • JESUS was lit

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  • Its only taking some causes away.

    There are still chances that there would be less war and arguments as the some cause of conflicts are taking away, with only leaving still many causes behind .Also many conflicts is not all about religion and about different countries, it is also caused a lot about race and sexuality. Even if there was not any religion in the world, there would still be a whole lot of fighting just from the different race groups and from the different ideas that the people would still have. People do have opinions...

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