If there were only hard-working people who believed in communism, would communism work?

Asked by: Delucha
  • If well organized

    Communism in my opinion always had a bad reputation because of its horrible leaders. But yes in my opinion communism would definitely work if run by a good leader. If well organized everybody would have the same opportunity to have a successful life and career, in other words pretty much everybody would be treated equally. Having most things equally concerning materialistic. The down side is that you don't really have free choice if what you wanna accomplish in life.

  • Communism is technically the perfect society.

    Think about the definition of utopia. An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. A utopia is a communist society, so by definition, it is perfect. The issues with communism come in when you have doctors and janitors making the same wages. If someone has to go to school eight years and then do a four year residency to become a doctor and make the same thing as a janitor without a high school education, then a country would have relativity no high education employees and plenty of low education employees. So if everyone was a hard worker and didn't mind getting paid the same as everyone else for a much more difficult job then, yes, communism would work. Unfortunately, humans are greedy by nature and will never be able to create a true utopia or known to many as a communist society.

  • Short answer. No.

    The problem with communism isn't that people aren't willing to work for it. (Just look at Lenin's revolution). Its that human nature gets in the way with its ideals. In theory though, it is the best way to run a country. But there are also different branches. The only communist society that works from experience is Lenninist communism, not stalinist which is what every communist society uses today.

  • Of course not

    You would probably need everyone to believe in it, not just the hard-working people.

    Ignoring the silly wording, and to actually answer what is probably intended, "hard-working" doesn't make for a better society. People working hard for their own benefit does nothing for society. There is no way to assume people are "hard-working" at a cause to benefit other people, whereas in capitalism there is an incentive to do so. Still no guarantee, but to answer definitely yes in any case would be wrong.

  • People often work very hard in communist systems

    Drive talent are not equally divided. Those with the drive to work hard are discouraged from working more than others while those without the drive to work hard see little motivation either.
    Innovation is discouraged but tedious tasks remain. In monasteries, a vow of poverty, toil, celibacy and obedience was need for the closest examples to working 'pure' communism.

  • Not everyone is the same

    You would need a ruling body to manage planet earth...8 billion people are not going to decide all at once to lets say replant the Sahara. Its out of sight out of mind. Once you have a ruling body then is it communism? People are givers and some are takers. Someone would want to seize power or rape and who would arrest them? A power... A community? Someone chosen by the community? What if the person puts himself forward to sheriff the communist community and then he has power. So many flaws its like asking can a something that never will exist ever work. Well my flying pig works great

  • Reword Question, then Yes.

    Hard working people isn't what would make communism work. Its the ideal that the only thing worth living for is human advancement and sustainability. The problem with modern (predominantly western society) is that money is the reason for hard work.

    Many people will argue that communism cant work due to human nature. Maybe so, maybe that's the reality that we just cannot escape. Personally though, i believe a new age of critical thinking and way of life may develop and become mainstream in the future. The idea that greed, religion, capitalism and patriotism and some of the worst ideals that humanity has developed.

    I think that if communism was to work, (Lenninist communism obviously) then every individual would be educated to the same standard - thus eliminating the idea of skill and pay imbalance (e.G. Janitor and Doctor paid the same).

    If Lenninist communism was too work, and people willing to work for the sustainability and technological development of humanity believed in it, yes. But not mere "hard working" people. You can slap this tag on so many corrupt and disgusting, unsustainable people in the world.

    I was very passionate when typing this, so if some parts of it didn't make sense, or a missed a vital sentence/word then sorry about that.

    A Human.

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