If there's a cure for bipolar disorder, will it ever overcome the stigma of the condition?

  • Bipolar Disorder Condition

    I personally think that Do you know that there are many myths and misperceptions that surround it? It is essential that such false notions be corrected. Until people learn the truth about bipolar disorder, they will continue to deny that the illness exists, deny that it is as real a medical condition as cardiovascular disease or cancer, and deny that it can be successfully treated.

  • I Conditionally Agree

    If there ever was a cure for bipolar and manic depression, I hope the stigma would go away. Sadly, we live in a society that still holds people medical conditions against them. I do think that that the stigma would eventually be lessened, because the behaviors causing the stigma would lessen in frequency.

  • Yes, a cure for bipolar disorder would overcome the stigma.

    I think that people with bipolar disorder would overcome the stigmas of the mental illness should there ever be a cure of it. A lot of people are not familiar with the condition. And even those who have it do not know much about it. I think a cure would be a good way to open the discussion about it.

  • You are your brain/mind, do not let them change it

    The brain/mind is the most personal thing a person has. It is most sacred property. Anyone who believes in property rights must believe that forcing someone to change their brain is a violation of such rights.

    Science can only prove what is. Science is incapable of proving what should be. Knowing how the nuts and bolts work does NOT give anyone any legitimate authority to tell people how their brains ought to work.

    There are upsides and downsides to the sort of brain/mind that people label "bipolar". We should be trying to manage it and channel it not trying to cure it.

    The trend in our society right now is disturbing. Even people who say they are against stigmatizing 'mental illness'(which needs a whole new name like mental diversity) still stigmatize it by considering it purely bad.

    No brain, no mind is perfect and it can't be made perfect. For instance to get the fantastically different, genius ideas that sometimes come out of people with autistic traits the person must have autism. Their brain must filter information in a way that is fundamentally different from the norm in order to have the potential for such results. 'Scientists' pass their value judgments by saying autism doesn't filter out irrelevant information. This is biased. All scientists have proven is that autism filters things differently. Whether or not some information is relevant is a subjective opinion, not a matter of scientific fact. If Einstein wasn't autistic he probably wouldn't have discovered the theory of relativity. Was the theory of relativity irrelevant? According to the logic employed to label the information neurotypicals take in versus the information autistic people take in the answer must be yes. Clearly scientists the ones declaring the information autistics notice to be less relevant, clearly they believe the theory of relativity was irrelevant.

    Scientists need to start neutrally categorizing mental and neural phenomenon without inserting any kind of opinion whatsoever about what is good and bad. Scientists are not philosophers. Scientists should not be given a privileged position in determining social norms.

    I don't want a uniform world. I don't want a world where everyone is redesigned to think exactly the same. That is where we are headed if we do not take a big long look at the way we've been thinking and talking about other people's minds.

    Support neurodiversity!
    Down with neurofascism!

  • Cure for bipolar

    I dont believe anyone with bipolar will ever over come the stigma of the condition because the condition that they face is how they deal with their problems and unless they were treated with the correct medicine to make sure that they can handle situations they may not have the skills to figure out without the med.

  • There is a cure!

    What people feel to realize is that there are cures out there. Think about this if you keep eating food that is full of chemicals and preservatives these things can cause you to have disease. If you get an adjustment done on your spine which is the central nervous system. You can heal your body naturally. Through diet and adjustments on your spine controls every aspect of your body if it is out of alignment than your whole body is filled with disease. When you are in perfect alignment you are not full of disease.

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