If they deliver pizza to hell would you go there?

Asked by: jaksunmadness
  • Pizza hell yes

    Id hit the fast lane there right now. You may be suffering but you will never suffer on an empty stomach. I may split some Hawaiian with my mans lucifer himself. Call the king because tonight im dining in, in hell, literally. Hot and ready just like me, and there is no evidence to support pizza in heaven.

  • Yes, but only if

    I get there before all my friends - otherwise they'll have eaten it all before I arrive. At least I can be fairly sure that it won't be served cold - yuck. I really hope that they have super supreme with olives and anchovies - yum yum. And garlic bread, of course.

  • Made new here

    Well, for one, it isn't worth it, the torture. Two, there is no way you can get me to go anywhere near the devil cause he's... Don't even get me started. Three, I can't even get there I've been saved from that place. I'm sure I can just have some pizza in heaven.

  • Torture is not worth pizza!

    People have forgotten that you get tortured in hell. I don't want to go to a place with constant torture and be surrounded by horrible people. None of that is worth pizza, delicious as pizza may be. Besides, it's probably going to be the pizza I don't like anyway, knowing Hell, you know.

  • Even if it's free, no.

    Hell is a terrible place. Get there, and you will never ever EVER get out. The devil will suck you in and try to place you somewhere in the 9 rings of hell. Not to mention the fire pits and all the other people suffering. Pizzas in hell? More than likely the delivery guy is death. Or the devil's demon.

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