If they say “everything happens for a reason” do we really have free will or what controls our life for us

Asked by: demihoojo
  • We have free will

    The saying "everything happens for a reason" is a way to rationalize adverse experiences in our lives. You see, It's natural for human beings to search for a greater meaning in our lives - that what we do fulfills a greater purpose other than simple reaction to stimuli, Existing, And dying. That being said, It might be interpreted that one's life is doomed to fail, That tragedy is an inborn trait, If bad things keep happening. This phrase attempts to liberate humans from the confines of this view, To allow themselves to avail themselves of new experiences and ways of thinking that make them happy.
    This is my opinion. Whether or not we have free will is a question that cannot be answered for certain; to claim it can be answered is close-minded, And also incorrect. Whether or not we have a pre-determined path, We'd never be able to know for certain.
    People think time is linear; it is not. It is a vast web or probabilities, Branching out endlessly. Each new choice creates a new tangent of reality, Which is why the universe is constantly expanding. We cannot travel to the future, Merely another timeline that may be farther ahead. There is no future because we have not endeavored up on it yet; it is not written in stone, It's written in human zeal and the choices we make

  • There is no free will

    Humans are no more than complex input-output machines. Every "decision" is merely a response to some external stimuli. Even when we apply logic or use our past experience to impact a "decision" we will always have made that decision because of what is presented in front of us, And what we have experienced in our past.

  • We have no free will

    We are who we are. The choices that we make depend on key circumstances that will always stay the same. If we went back in time and couldn't remember the future, The future would still end up exactly the same. It might feel like we have free will, But as the circumstances are inevitable the choices we make are as well. We control our lives by being who we are, And it is impossible for that to change. This is really hard to word so if you don't understand then here's an example:
    A woman gets up at 6 in the morning because she has to go to work. She has this job that means she has to get up at 6 because she chose it. The reason for her choice was that her school specialized in training people for that job. The reason that she went to that school was that her parents sent her there. The reason that her parents sent her there was. . . Etc. , Etc. Eventually all of those reasons for doing stuff trace back to the first decision ever made by mankind, And that can never change.

  • You answered your own question

    Everything happens for a reason goes against free will. What if the reason for someone sustaining permanent burns of someone Else's choice in burning a house. Did you have the free will not to be burnt? If that is not what you mean then another argument of mine would be that the brain has made a decision before you have. This is proven on a small scale to exist. If that did not help you understand why we don't have free will then look at the Libet experiment. Lets say you say that it wasn't enough to say so. I argue as time progresses and technology increases we will have more prove to make a more effective Libet experiment. Maybe there is already and I haven't found it.

  • It’s hard to tell

    It’s hard to tell because they are some situations where your guts tells you yes and you decide to do the opposite which may seem like you chose by free will ands in some case where things happen and if you really think about it either way the same result is bound to be done but then again who know if you had gone with your gut if it will still be the same

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