If they say “everything happens for a reason” do we really have free will or what controls our life for us

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  • You answered your own question

    Everything happens for a reason goes against free will. What if the reason for someone sustaining permanent burns of someone Else's choice in burning a house. Did you have the free will not to be burnt? If that is not what you mean then another argument of mine would be that the brain has made a decision before you have. This is proven on a small scale to exist. If that did not help you understand why we don't have free will then look at the Libet experiment. Lets say you say that it wasn't enough to say so. I argue as time progresses and technology increases we will have more prove to make a more effective Libet experiment. Maybe there is already and I haven't found it.

  • It’s hard to tell

    It’s hard to tell because they are some situations where your guts tells you yes and you decide to do the opposite which may seem like you chose by free will ands in some case where things happen and if you really think about it either way the same result is bound to be done but then again who know if you had gone with your gut if it will still be the same

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