If Trump is elected, will you help me raise a fund to buy an island in the pacific to start another country?

Asked by: Gamapo
  • More than just Trump.

    If Trump or Bernie is elected I would gladly move and help fund another country. I do not want to know what will happen to America if either are elected. It would be safer and there would be more freedom on the island, this would make it much more beneficial then living under Emperor Trump or Dictator Sanders.

  • Please support my fund!

    Hello, i am asking for people who are looking for a way of escape from the U.S. if Trump is elected. So far we have a need of funds to buy the land, build a few buildings, and maybe a yacht. ;) but for real, though, if Trump gets in, i want out!

  • Wow...... Are you serious?????

    I swear..... Why do people keep saying I will move this country or I will leave America if Trump is elected president. Now create a new country to live in if Trump gets elected?!? I mean this is just!.. .......Oh what am I to say being the Trump supporter I am... If they don't want to be in America anymore... Fine. That's not my problem at all!

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Vox_Veritas says2016-02-26T22:53:00.197
Nobody tried such a thing whenever Obama was elected.