If Trump were to run against a straight A+ student from elementary or high school, do you think he could win the race for president?

Asked by: REDtrojan
  • A silly question.

    First off, the age requirement (35 or older) would disqualify the student. The reason for this age requirement is because of maturity level. Kids and young adult have less of a grasp of the reality in running a country. Give you an example: A while ago, a little girl who was told how animals are unhappy in zoos was asked her opinion. The article boasted how bright the young girl was when she said "I don't want to see animals in zoos, I want to see them in the wild." See, the problem with that statement is, if not for the zoos, the vast majority would either have no opportunity to see wild animals or the animals natural habitat would be so overrun by humans that it would threaten their species. See, kids and young adults usually don't see the big picture, This is why their solutions tend to be overly simple but ultimately doomed.
    Yes, some of Trumps comments have been a bit immature like using personal attacks (insults) instead of sticking to topic. Thing is, none of the presidential candidates can not honestly say their hands are clean with all the mud slinging. Because so much mud was tossed at Trump, can you blame him for throwing it back? Funny thing is, personal attacks are nothing new in politics. At one time, it was common for politicians to get into fist fights over political issues.

  • Nope not really

    Maybe trump would be suited for a race with those more suited in his like-age-group. Although they might up stage him in being more mature lol either way the man has a lack of character, I'm sure some kids could would show him up even in a debate. Game over Trump

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