If we all spoke the same language, would there be fewer wars?

Asked by: enrugil
  • Would be fewer wars

    If we all spoke the same language, I think there would be fewer wars, because when all countries speak different language, they may be cant understand the foreign one. So where began a war or international conflict. So in this case there would be better one language than many different.

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  • No even if we all spoke different languages there were not be fewer wars.

    As sad as it is to say, even if we all spoke different languages there would still be the same amount of wars, as it is about power over one another, not communication. Most wars are sought because someone feels another has tried to take the dominant stance, and just as the animal kingdom works, a war is started to prove who is the strongest.

  • Difference in opinions

    It would not matter if we spoke the same language, we would only be able to hear our differing in opinions that much better. Having the ability to understand EVERYONE, ALL the time is something that we should be glad we can't do. We have the luxury of ignorance, and we should be glad.

  • Look at Somalia

    The citizens of the longest running failed state speak the same language. They are however divided along clan lines. This implies that human beings will always differentiate themselves with fellow human beings; on religion, tribe, clan,bloodline, physical features, caste systems etc. What will lead to peace is dialogue and a realization that we are not better than others just because we do not share a particular worldview.

  • Look at Somalia

    The longest running failed state has all its citizens speaking one language, the Somali language. Human beings will always find something to divide them; from clans (as in Somalia) to caste systems to religion etc. Language is only one of these. The key to peace is dialogue and tolerance for those that have a different worldview.

  • Ideology, not language, causes war.

    Language is not what leads man to fight each other. Warfare is the most extreme progression of conflicting ideologies. It is the ideologies that cannot be reconciled. There are times when the ideology and practice of it are so abominable that it must be met with forceful resistance. Speaking the same language would not render the regional ideologies impotent.

  • Not much difference...

    Wars are not fought because people do not speak the same languages. Wars are fought for greed , freedom , protection of peoples ways of life , etc. If we all spoke the same language , this would help us understand each other better . But just because we understand each other doesn't mean that we wouldn't fight in a war ... Or start one in that manor.

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