If we are promised a free education then why are e paying hundreds of dollars for a free education is that fair?

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  • We are all entitled to a "free" education, so long as we remain a civilization and we pay taxes.

    We are all entitled to the Freedom of Speech, but's that's only so long as the U.S. remains a civilization and as long as people pay taxes. When we work to undermine the country, "Freedom of Speech" can go out the window; when we refuse to pay taxes, we're not providing the nation's police, the courts, the military with the tools and income to protect our constitutional rights. All of our constitutional rights and all the laws of a nation are predicated on the understanding that the U.S. will remain a nation and be funded with tax dollars.

    As Americans, we are each entitled to an education between K and 12 grade. So long as we pay taxes and don't work to undermine our civilization with war and violence, that guarantee will be there.

  • Do you understand

    That "free education" is tax-paid? That means a portion of the taxes that everyone pays funds the schools. Therefore, it's free at point-of-use, but, as is the famous saying in economics, there is no such thing as a free lunch. The resources for any activity have to come from somewhere.

  • Nothing in this world is free

    Everything has a cost and paying hundreds of dollars is nothing lol just wait until you have to go to college where it is tens of thousands of dollars a year even for public schools. Education cannot be free, because who is going to pay the teachers salaries? And who is going to pay to maintain the school or pay the janitors or the administrators. I guess in theory you could have people with mandatory community service or have volunteers but that would lead to the education degrading severely. So do you want a quality education or a cheap education?

  • Quality of Schools

    We can't possibly expect to pay low taxes, get retirement, and get free and reliable schools. As Americans we feel like we have rights to everything. If you really don't want to pay for school, you can bring a lunch every day, not join any clubs, not do music, art, or any other extra-curricular activities schools provide. And that's fine. You don't have to spend lots of money on education if it's not important to you. It's an option and most people choose to pay the fees for a better school. It's your and your parents/children's choice.

  • I suppose it's not by principle:

    It isn't fair to pay for something promised to you for free. I don't really think that there's any further investigation to such a simple question; I presume there's supposed to be some discourse on the matter relating to how it is acquired and so forth and so on but that's actually off-topic and doesn't answer the question.

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I wish people would learn how to use punctuation, it's rather annoying when people don't.