• Yes, Because contrary to popular belief, Most leather ISN'T made from the meat industry

    Most leather commonly comes from overseas. Cows are cruelly killed and it's not for their meat; it's for their skin. Animal lives seem to be almost interchangeable nowadays, Treated as spare change. We need to seriously consider banning leather, And furthermore, Limiting the meat industries. Humans are the only monsters of this world, And not enough people are standing up for the victims

  • Animals dying for a purse?

    I think it’s obscene that an animal should be stripped of their
    flesh to provide us with a pair of shoes, a purse, a jacket, whatever. There are so many beautiful synthetic alternatives that killing an animal for this is unconscionable.
    People need to get over themselves and start thinking about where things come from and the extreme suffering it causes. Leather is so mainstream, but no one stops to think how it was acquired. Maybe we should have commercials showing where it comes from. Awareness needs to be increased. Leave the animals alone. We have other resources.

  • Yes, a ban on fur should also equate to a ban on leather

    If a ban on fur, or animal hair were to take place, It would only be logical to also ban leather. As both are taken from animals and both are essentially the same when it comes to an animals life.
    The use of an animals fur or the extracting of an animals hide to make a leather good are equivalent when the life of an animal is at stake.
    In the use of either a fur or leather, an animals life is taken. The result of obtaining the good, whether it be fur or leather is irrelevant, as the main concern is an animals life is lost so the production of the good can take place.

  • Shouldn't Ban Either

    Legitimately I don't think we should ban fur and banning leather would cause massive implications that the world seriously isn't ready for. If you did ban leather that would simply mean a huge portion of wasted resources when it comes to the slaughter of animals for food. It would also mean a huge change for products we use everyday. This off all the places where leather is found, there's a lot.

  • They are not the same.

    No, I don't think we should. There are different issue with fur and leather. Fur mostly comes from animals who are bred purely for their skin, they are killed and everything else is wasted. Leather is more a by product of the meat industry, and if we banned leather, these animals would still die and their skins would be wasted.

  • If we ban fur, we should not ban leather too.

    If we ban fur, we should not ban leather too. Animals have been hunted for decades now and why should we not use every bit of the animal that we can instead of letting it go to waste? I understand the position people take when they want to ban fur though.

  • Fur and Leather are not the same.

    Banning fur does not logically lead to banning leather. Leather is most often a by product of killing cows for meat, whereas animals killed for fur are being killed entirely for their pelts. Leather is incredibly useful and necessary for many things, whereas fur is largely a fashion accessory that is not needed.

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