If we cull kangaroo herds, should their meat be eaten?

  • A pest that needs to be reduced slightly!

    Kangaroos are a pest. We are not asking to kill so many that they would become extinct! Why can't we just kill enough to keep the amount reasonable. It is the kindest way to kill them... One shot to the brain! It is kinder than hitting them with a vehicle or artificially feeding them and leaving them to die with exceeding amounts of agony etc. Why not just reduce their numbers to a sane amount?

  • Full support for sustainable harvesting of meat and a need to reduce kangaroo numbers to conserve biodiversity.

    The clearing of native vegetation in this state (worst in the coutnry) increasing the amount of open pastures and grasslands, the number of Kangaroos has increased dramatically. That is why we need to implement population reduction culls of kangaroos as they are causing damage to some ecosystems. It makes no sense not to harvest the meat from these animals, what an absolute waste. There is clearly a demand for this sustainable product, why should we burn fossil fuels to ship it from other states? There are overwhelming positives aspects to having a sustainable kangaroo meat industry in this state.

  • Kangaroo herds should be eaten if they are deemed a fit animal for consumption.

    Human beings are, in general, omnivores. We eat various wild game, farm animals such as cows and pigs and many varieties of fish. As a result, it only seems natural that kangaroo should be added to the list of animals that humans can consume, provided they are non-toxic, tasty and filling.

    Posted by: SoWinif
  • Culled kangaroos should be eaten, because they should not go to waste,

    As is seen amidst other species, the bush meat trade is a very profitable market. It's been shown to provide new outlets for economies, despite the endangerment of certain species. Therefore, if the governments of Australia cull kangaroos, we should not let their carcasses, a widely known good source of protein, go to waste. The Australian government should take whatever kangaroos are culled, and sell them as part of their economy. Not only would this provide a solution as to what to do with the body, but it would be a valuable addition to the Australian economy.

    Posted by: PuzzledCharles70
  • Eating kangaroo meat when culling has occurred is a good way not to waste them.

    When culling any animal, it is far better to eat the meat than to let it rot on the ground. That will only encourage scavengers, whereas the meat could be sold and even raise money for future conservation, though there is some irony in that. Care just must be taken to show that the meat isn't poached.

    Posted by: HumdrumMilo83
  • If we are going to cull kangaroo herds anyway, I do think that it is only ethical to use the meat.

    Since kangaroos in Australia are much like deer in the United States, I have no objections with citizens hunting and eating kangaroos as a means of controlling their population.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Absolutely, we should eat the meat, because it is the right thing to do if we are killing them anyway.

    By eating the meat of animals we kill for other reasons, we are solving two problems at once. There are many people starving in the world that would appreciate having any type of meat on their plate. We are simply killing for convenience if we do not attempt to make use of the resources left behind.

    Posted by: SamDude
  • Yes, it should not be wasted, if they are being culled anyway.

    If kangaroos are being culled for population control purposes, then their meat should be eaten, rather than being wasted. As long as the meat passes food quality standards, there is no reason to allow it all to go to waste, rather than eating it. The sale of the meat could help fund the environmental operations of the agency culling the kangaroos.

    Posted by: tacomoon
  • I support eating the meat of culled Kangaroos; to not use their meat would be a waste.

    If it is required that kangaroos be culled then the meat of animals should not be wasted. Instead of throwing the meat aside the meat should be used to feed the needy, marketed and sold with profits going to support a good cause, or at the very least used as animal feed. To throw the meat away would be a waste of protein and the destruction of the meat would probably cost as much if not more then using it to feed people or animals. In conclusion kangaroo meat should be used if the kangaroos have to be culled.

    Posted by: J Snyder
  • Kangaroo can be culled and eaten if needed, because other animals are eaten all the time.

    If we can round up cattle, bison, and chicken, then why not kangaroos? If the ability is out there to make a viable edible product, then we should do so. Although animal rights activists may say no, we are already carnivores. We are now just adding some variety to what we already eat.

    Posted by: WillowsErv
  • If we cull (kill) kangaroos, even then their meat should not be eaten as it may give birth to another major disease all over the world like the `Swine Flu' or the `H1N1 Flu'.

    First of all, we should not cull/kill the kangaroo - the poor but so beautiful creature of God. Even, if it is killed by some people in order to save their crops, the kangaroos should not be consumed or eaten as a meat product. We should not forget about the `Swine Flu' or the `H1N1 virus' which became the cause of many human deaths. Animals are fast breeders of viruses and bacteria and that should be taken into account.

    Posted by: babyphatgurl

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