If we find aliens, should we embrace them (yes) or avoid them (no)?

Asked by: Scriptering
  • All people are equal

    I say we embrace them because they have looked out for us for thousands of years. And they could help us be better people and lead us in a time of peace and prosperity. I believe everyone is equal. I think we should stop referring them as aliens but as people. We are stubborn and a selfish people and warlike some people don't like change or people that's different from them. I don't know about you but I'm going to embrace them and our future.

  • Let's embrace them

    If we find aliens we should embrace them. Although it has much of the risk. They may attack us and even colonize our planets but leaving aside those things we are humans. What we are known for is our empathy and our ability to love other beings as well. These qualities should never desert the heart of any human being. Moreover, if we successfully embrace them, we can learn many different things from them and also we could also share our knowledge. Together, we can find the hidden knowledge of the universe. Rather than raging war against those aliens, we should try to embrace them first or at least we should take our chance because the outcome is quite promising if we became successful to live together with them.

  • We Should Embrace Them

    They could have technology that will lengthen our lifespans tremendously and all kinds of new cool technology. They could open us up to interstellar travel. The possibilities are endless. It would even be worth becoming a colony as long as they aren't going to destroy us or make us their slaves.

  • Aliens are living beings, too

    I think that we should embrace aliens if they ever landed on Earth. Some people may beg to differ, but aliens ARE also living creatures, too. It should be a good thing that there are living things in different parts of the universe. There is only one problem to embracing them. They could be a hostile race of extra terrestrials, and could pose as a threat to the living beings of Earth if they wanted to colonize but we didn't want them to for many reasons that I won't get into. BUT, if they wanted to colonize Earth and weren't hostile, it would be easy for humans and the aliens to coexist on planet Earth. If we were to avoid them, it could pose as a problem. They could become aggressive and try to wipe out the human race. That would be bad. People may think that it would be a bad idea to embrace them, but I think that those people are thinking that based off of sci-fy movies (no offense or anything, I haven't read the other opinions yet).

  • I think we should

    Even if they try to extinct humans it will be a huge scientific discovery and it would make humans far more advanced with their resources either way. I guess if they are far more advanced than we are then they would of found us, north e other way round, imagine humans on another planet before ours blows up.

  • If they're real, they're avoiding us for a good reason.

    They've seen the cruelty humans are capable of committing to each other, so what would humans do to them?

    We'll just end up doing to them what humans have done to other humans over the course of history; wipe them out, attack them, enslave them, and/or take their resources and posssesions, and then blame them for all of our problems.

    Sure it would be a massive discovery if we found aliens really did exist. But it would be best to avoid them rather than embrace them.

  • Talk but don't touch

    Consider that 90-95% of Native Americans perished in the decade after the Columbus arrived- that's same species, same planet. Whatever else we might not know about an alien biology, we can expect it will be extremely toxic to our health. We'll want to study alien biology at a distance for a very long time before interacting.

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