If we have free will does that mean we should be able to do whatever we want whenever we want?

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  • It's What's Happening Now

    Right now you can do whatever you want. You can kill someone. You can do drugs. You can smoke. You can read whatever you want. You can go on debate.Org. You can literally do anything. The law won't stop you from driving drunk; they'll dole out the punishment. We ca do anything, we just have to face the consequences. And whether the law hands them out or the people around you do there is no difference. The consequences will happen whether or not the law allows you to do it. The law would like you to believe they can catch all murderers and drunk drivers, but they can't. So you can do whatever you want whenever you want, and if the law catches you, that's just the consequence; not robbing you of free will.

  • It Is What's Happening Now

    Right now that's what's happening!! Is there anything that you cannot do? You can kill someone, you can do drugs, you can smoke, you can go to bed at 6 in the morning, you can do ANYTHING. The only restriction is the consequences. If you kill someone, no matter what free will you have there will be consequences.You can't say you don't have free will just because there will be consequences. You can drive drunk; there will be unfortunate consequences whether the law says you can or not. You can do anything you want whenever you want, and the law will simply dole out the consequences. But no one can stop you from doing whatever you want to do; consequences are the only problem, which you will always have, no matter what the laws are.

  • Yes we all have free will but it does not mean we are free to do whatever we want whenever we want.

    Free will really is not about what you want. Free will is about having the freedom to make decisions for yourself, which may or may not involve something you want to do. For example, a woman wants to purchase birth control pills but the pharmacist refuses to sell them to her on the basis that it violates his religious beliefs. I would argue that he is taking the woman's free will to choose away from her by refusing to sell her the pills. So while it is true we all have free will we are not always able to exercise it. As also would be the case with prisoners. They still have the free will to make decisions but are greatly restricted and prevented from making most of those decisions.

    Every day we make a myriad of decisions on a subconscious level that often times it is not until we are put in a high stress situation that we realize the full impact our decisions can have. I am referring to the kind of decisions a person may face in war. Decisions that can shake you to the core and challenge everything you believe in.

    Free will is not about what you want.

  • Its your choice but expect a punishment if you sinned.

    It means that God gives us a choice and no matter what choice you chose he will still love you. Don't get me wrong he still hates the sin but he doesn't hate you. He will punish you for your sins just like when (almost everyone of us when we were younger) our parents would punish us for drawing on the walls. He loves us like a parent no matter what we do wrong they will still love us.(if you didn't have parents like this I am so sorry if I hurt you) THIS IS COMING FROM A 15 YEAR OLD.

  • People are able to do whatever they want it is a free country.

    We are able to do what we want whenever we want, we can drink we can drive we can dance we can own a house we can go to the city, it does not matter if we drink because we are able to do what we want whenever we want. Thank you

  • I say yes

    Because you can truly do anything you want from thievery to kicking a guy in the shins you can truly do whatever you want but... There are consequences and thats what usually stops us from doing anything that we will regret later on in life but you control your destiny or another way to put it is you control what you do and when you will do it.

  • I agree. If we had this free will we could, or could have, change what is now passed.

    Think if free will this way: what is now could have been something else, had we chosen otherwise. How can this be true if
    1. If God wrote the Bible? How could Scripture be God breathed had men with free will wrote the Bible? If this is the case, God got extremely lucky that they did it right.
    2. In many places in His Word, people thank God for how He(God) has brought them out of an estate of sin and misery. Just read the Psalms!
    3. God has given the Ten Commandments, which shows us very clearly how we are to worship and serve Him by, and loving our neighbor as ourselves.
    There are many, many more examples.
    The point is that Free will is impossible unless the God of the Bible is in subjection to our decisions, and I think many Christians here would agree that is not the case. If we had it, we could do exactly what the question states, but we don't.

  • A logical impossibility?

    Three comments:

    1. As a practical matter, I don't think it's possible - one person's wants would prevent another's. Only way around that would be for all individuals to be isolated, where they could not impact others, and then the question would not be coming up.

    2. "We 'should' be able to do whatever we want..." That "should" (or the opposite) exists in the eye of the beholder. As a society, we are really just a group of people with things in common. We are "for freedom" but we also hold to the notion that "one person's rights end where another's begin." We know there can't be absolute freedom.

    We're for individualism, but it's also true that if an individual goes far enough beyond the bounds of what the society considers acceptable behavior, then he'll get put out of society, as with execution or imprisonment.

    3. I think we do have free will.

    We often see "God and free will" coming up in discussions. If there is an "all-knowing God," or really - any "higher" being or beings with such knowledge, then that means we don't have free will.

    There is that which we deem as the future. If "anybody" knows what's going to happen in that which we conceive of as the future, then we are predestined, i.e. we do not have free will.

  • We can do whatever we want and whenever we want even no less than what free will brings. The key word is the "want".

    We don't want to do everything. Our decisions are influenced by or temperaments and external factors. Introverts prefer(want) to be alone with their own thoughts while extroverts prefer(want) to be in large groups of people to get inspired. A reward-oriented person seek for status, money, sex, etc. and enjoy the thrills of taking risks; while a threat-oriented person reflect on whether their decisions are correct or not and want to take a safer path. An Asian is more likely to be a person who praise relationship-honoring and prefer(want) to cooperate wit people; while western people praise independence and enjoy the competition(I might get this wrongly but the situation is similar). That's hugely influenced by the culture but their genes are no less influential.
    As long as we are true to ourselves, we can do whatever we want and whenever we want under the constraints of external factors like what "free will" can bring us. That's my current view.

  • I bet everyone answers no to this.

    And since you answered no why does god allow us to do whatever we want to? How come if i had kids and let them do whatever they wanted to each other i would be considered a bad parent while god is a perfect god for doing this exact same thing. How come god can do evil and people think its righteousness. They have ridiculous defenses for god and im sick of it. Your beat! Your beliefs are outdated. Sorry but its true. We have modern technology that we could end the world with and ancient mind sets we draw from literature that was written thousands of years ago. God can do all kinds of things while if we do things that are equivalent we are bad while god is still perfect. Its ridiculous. God can punish children for the sins of their parents exodus 20:5 and if you havent gotten that from the story of adam and eve and the story of noah and several other stories then you wont ever get it. But it literally says he does in that verse. But hes perfect and he loves us all? Yea ok... I can sleep well at night after cursing the holy spirit knowing ill never be punished for bashing the book that is the principal enemy of moral progress in the world. Im not suppressing the truth. Your suppressing the truth because you cant stand the thought of dying and being dead and never seeing your family again. You want to believe that goodness will triumph over evil even though most dont even know right from wrong in most cases. And you want to believe that justice will be done. So you ignore negative facts to uphold an inaccurate optimistic view of the world. Home of the brave? Lmao we are scared of bloody marry.

  • It means we are responsible and should make wise choices

    Free will is the idea that people have choices and end up bearing the consequence of the choices they make. The idea is to therefore make wise choices.

    People who do whatever they want whenever they want are least likely the kind of people that are going to make wise choices.

  • Don't be silly.

    With freedom comes responsibility. We learn by the time we're a year old that actions have consequences. A baby will throw a toy out of the crib only to realize that the toy is now unreachable.

    Freedom is an excellent thing and I do believe that if you're not hurting anyone, then rock on; but as a civilized species, we should not take freedom literally.

  • People are able to do whatever they want it is a free country.

    We are able to do what we want whenever we want, we can drink we can drive we can dance we can own a house we can go to the city, it does not matter if we drink because we are able to do what we want whenever we want. Thank you

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