If we stop cutting down trees for paper,could we save the environment?

Asked by: bvc
  • It is a step towards saving the environment.

    Trees help regulate the CO2 levels on Earth. If there are more trees, then it would make sense that the regulation levels would be more efficient. CO2 is a toxic and is a contributor for climate change.

    Hemp, on the other hand is much more efficient in producing paper compare to trees. More paper can be produced by hemp in an acre compared to an acre of trees. Hemp is also more efficient in regulating CO2 and the growth cycle is several months compared to a couple of decades for trees.

    Now, you must be thinking why this miracle plant is not being used more compared to trees, especially in the United States. Back in the old days, it was used, but not anymore since it was banned and made illegal by the tree and other industries that lobbied for the ban since they cannot compete with the efficient and practical uses of hemp.

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  • I Support This

    It would allow for our world and its forests, Jungles and trees to rebuild and regrow their and our own environment. Its like pruning, We have already done our job, And now it is time to let the trees, Jungles, And forests do their job so we can thrive together.

  • Trees are a renewable resource.

    Manufacturers of paper, stock lumber, and other tree-related products are in a good business, and like any business, they want to make sure they run out of supply. Harvesters of trees typically plant more trees then they cut down. Trees are a renewable resource just like corn is a renewable resource. It just takes longer to grow a tree to harvesting age, so planting must be done at a greater rate than harvesting. That's why today there are actually more trees than there were 100 years ago!


  • This is irrelevant

    I'm going to come right out, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE ENVIRONMENT!! Global warming has absolutely no evidence! NONE! Now, i do believe that it is possible for the environment to go bad, but we don't need to stop cutting trees for it! All we need is for countries to have the same law america does, the loggers need to plant more trees than they cut down. Thats all hippies!

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