If we were to go into Syria should we fight against Assad and the rebels?

  • They kill people

    The UK, America, Israel, Saudia Arabia are all in it together. They are helping each other to kill Muslims simply to regain power and wealth. They are doing it because we are keeping quiet. And soon they will - if they have to - wipe out the whole population. Stand up and fight for freedom.

  • I'm against the war,

    But neither side in this conflict is our friend. We have this brutal dictator who possibly used chemical weapons on one side and on the other side we have an Islamic extremist rebel group.These rebels also could have possession of chemical weapons as well. Obviously since neither side is our friend and it is their Civil War we should not intervene, but if we have to we should fight both the rebels and Assad. That would most likely bring the war to a close quickly and although Syria might be weak the violence would hopefully be over in that country. Like I said I'm against intervention, but if we had to get involved I think fighting against both sides would be the best solution. Interested to hear people's opinions.

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