If welfare recipients are drug tested should we also test them for alcohol

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Same principle, taxpayers should not have to pay for welfare recipients to get intoxicated

    I'll start this off by noting that for practical reasons I am against drug-testing welfare recipients. It has not been shown to be cost-effective.

    BUT if we do test them for illegal drugs we should also test them for alcohol. If welfare recipients shouldn't spend taxpayer dollars on drugs they shouldn't spend taxpayer dollars on alcohol either. If they want alcohol they can get a job and pay for it themselves.

    Testing only for illegal drugs could actually encourage welfare recipients to become alcoholics. Compared to marijuana alcohol is far more addictive. Any "withdrawal" someone gets from abstaining from marijuana is mild and easy to get through, alcohol withdrawal can be so severe as to cause psychosis or even to cause death.

  • Make sure they're not using our hard earned money to get drunk

    I don't work 8 hours a day so a group of lazy thugs can get high and drink all day. Most welfare recipients aren't like that but some are. Welfare recipients should be tested for drugs and alcohsl to make sure they they aren't taking advantage of our money. Simple.

  • I fully agree

    Alcohol testing should be added. It is the easiest available drug and legal. I know people that say they work to drink, so if they on that level then people on Welfare is probably worse... However the alcohol industries are huge and a big money bringer for any government. I doubt they will add an alcohol test.

  • It is their money

    The government gave them money. They met all the regulatory paperwork requirements, now let them spend the money how they please. Many others are given government money, like farmers, artists, bankers, and politicians, yet those receiving welfare are singled out. A better solution is not to give government money away.

  • Sure - right after we stop wasting money on Bridges to Nowhere and making sure there are beaches in the Hamptons.

    The biggest issue I have with people's need to focus on welfare is that welfare isn't anywhere near the waste of money so many other things are. I mean we pay farmers not to farm, we pay to truck in sand for Hampton beaches, we fund all kinds of vanity projects for idiots like Sarah Palin - but the thought of helping out people is apparently painful for some people.

    And at least a large of that is racism - as shown by the usage of the new version of n*gga: "thug". Never mind that even a teeny, tiny bit of research puts the lie to that concept. Nope instead we have to make out these struggling individuals as leeches and crackheads and drunkerns.

    What I wouldn't give for some compassion. Or at least the decency not to kick in the teeth of someone already on their knees.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-05-04T16:52:26.560
I disagree with the statement "it is their money". If the Feds provided it, they have every right to "attach strings" to it.
That being said, drug and alcohol testing might be too expensive to be worth it.
deacc says2015-05-05T11:04:53.330
Neither. Welfare programs should be eliminated.