If WW3 broke out would you fight for your country

Asked by: hect
  • For Australia and its people.

    Whilst I am against war in general, I would fight until my last breath to defend the land down under known as Australia. I feel I would not be proud of killing others but it would be a necessary evil committed for the greater good of my fellow brothers and sisters. A sacrifice I would be willing to make.

    Posted by: hect
  • Yes but maybe no

    Depends.If my country fight for Jesus YES!!!
    Otherwise no Im for God not for man.
    By the way Im from the Rep. Of South Africa
    And I hope you all accept Jesus as your personal saviour because your times running out.And real christians dont judge but love but also know Gods laws

  • Family Community Country

    Would my family/ community have access to prepare themselves and be properly trained by inactive Army and National guard? No matter the cause for the pride in ownership and freedom I would fight no matter what! Yet I would charge my government with enacting government systems that mirror our own

  • I would fight

    I would not fight so much for my country so much as for my family and friends in that country. I thing that the US government is corrupt and ineffective. I would not fight to support that. I would fight for those i care fore and value in my life, i would also fight for those who could not fight for them selves.

  • I would protect my country, no matter what the cost.

    The fact some people would say no make me sick. I would fight for my country and die for the protection of my country. Anyone not willing to do the same has no right to call themselves patriots. Don't you dare say you love your country if you aren't willing to protect it with your life. I wouldn't even have to think about it. Send me to the front lines if i'm needed. I will do what i have to in order to protect the ones i love. Ask yourself this single questions: Would you give your life to protect the ones you live? I would in a heartbeat.

  • You have to do what you have to do.

    Sense we are saying if world war three broke out we have to assume fighting is inevitable. Many countries around the war have powerful armies, and a lot of people who can back them up. To protect my self, loved ones, nation, and allies of my nations I would absolutely fight. Why should I just sit around and watch my nation struggling and do nothing about it? Sure people would die, and I would most likely as well, but I would happily make that sacrifice if it meant my loved ones were just a little bit safer because of my sacrifice. Even if my contribution barely helps, or even if it helps a lot, it doesn't matter because as an able body I should fight for and protect the people and things I love.

  • You have to do what you have to do.

    I am going to say yes, assuming the fact fighting can not be avoided and my nation would be under threat. In a war your nation can be under a lot of threat, why not try to help it. Of course people are going to die, I would probably die as well, but if my fighting and my death can help protect my nation,not matter how big or small t he help is, why should I not try? The world has many powerful armies that would have many people willing to fight for them, to keep my nation safe it would need people as well. So, to protect my nation and help my nations allies in the war I would fight.

  • The United States was neutral at first

    For the first and second World Wars in the beginning, the U.S. had a policy of neutrality "in thought and deed". Wars these days are waged for unwarranted reasons and do not make any major accomplishments. I feel that war should be an absolute last resort if we are in conflict with another nation. Additionally, I do not wish to join the armed forces.

  • For your country and lands England

    No I would not fight, until ever immigrant, that had a English persons job and English persons house fought first, plus bosses who sold us out,and politicians son and daughters went to the front-line. After they have been raped and murdered, lost their houses and jobs,I would be on the white cliffs of Dover, with the country on fire before , i helped defend what is not mine anymore. Let them fight it, its their mess.

  • I would not fight

    I would not fight at all. It would just egg on the war. Not to mention I would probably die, and kill lots of other people. What do they do when i die? They just send in more people to die, same thing with the people on the opposing end. So in that sense i would not fight for my country.

    Posted by: D.14

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Vox_Veritas says2015-03-10T02:17:25.390
In a few months time the resolve of those answering yes may be put to the test.
Vox_Veritas says2015-03-10T02:18:35.787
As for me, I'd honestly have no way of knowing until it happened.