If you are a boss, will you hire an Islamic employee?

Asked by: lewis25
  • Not every people are from IS

    IS is only a part of Islamic people. Also, look at North Korea and Syria.
    South Korea and Syria are the famous countries that have dictatorship.
    But, are North Koreans or Syrian people that bad like their leaders?
    ABSOLUTELY NOT. Therefore, one of the field hiring, we should not have discrimination or biases only because of their leaders or other extreme people.

  • Not all Muslims are terrorists

    Just like not all whites/Germans were Nazis. You can't stereotype. The Muslim religion does not promote violence, it is actually very against violence. The terrorist that have been stirring up a storm are actually going against their religion. I guarantee 95% of all Muslims are just as kind as anyone else.

  • I would hire an Islamic employee

    Why wouldn't I? Isn't the purpose of a boss to hire people that will better the company as a whole? Why would religion ever factor into that? If there are Muslims qualified for the position they are applying for, I give them the job. If there are Christians qualified for the position they are applying for, I give them the job. If there are homosexuals qualified for the position they are applying for, I give them the job.

    Actively discriminating because of religion is wrong, even if there is a negative connotation to the religion.

    Some people might not hire an Islamic employee because they believe Muslims are terrorists. This is called overgeneralizing. Just because some Muslims are terrorists does not mean all Muslims are terrorists.

  • Of course who cares?

    It is just a religion and the religion actually preaches peace which means that ISIS is not actually following their holy book, that is like if someone asked are all christian's are members of the KKK it is just a religion, and you should not judge people based off religions

  • It's probably one of the weirdest opinions in the whole website.

    I would hire an Islamic employee, as well as Jewish, Christian or whatever. We cannot label people by just looking at their religions. I'm an atheist and it doesn't matter for me the person who belongs to which religion or country. I believe that even talking about this issue is belongs to racism. And we cannot blame Islam because of what ISIS does.

  • Of course you should

    Will I disagree with pigzooka, I do believe faith is a big factor in terrorism, I think it's inappropriate to not hire somebody based on religion. I am an atheist, and I believe religion should not play a role in hiring somebody. If you meet the person and think that based on their behaviors, they seem like a violent or unstable person, then don't hire them, but if you don't want to hire them just because a group of people of them same religion are terrorist, then you shouldn't be the one hiring people. If a group of Christians bombed a building, you wouldn't stop hiring Christians? Would you? Now, am very critical of Islamic beliefs, I'll be the first one to admit it, and I don't think we should be so sensitive to not have a discussion of the cruelties carried out by Islam, but you cannot prosecute every Muslim that enters the country, and you are doing your country a disservice by not hiring somebody based on their past. If they are bad workers, or have a criminal record, don't hire them, if they are racist, sexist, or homophobic, don't hire them, but if they are good people, hard working, and kind people, but happen to he Muslim, HIRE THEM!

  • Only the decent thing to do

    If an employee is qualified better than any other candidate, not hiring them based on religion is bigotry and a violation of their first amendment rights. You will go to jail; this is not a choice. Right now the US is going through a fascist phase, but we always do that in emergencies.

  • If they are qualified

    I do not care what their religion, race, gender or sexual orientation is. All i would want is a qualified person who can do their job well. Not hiring someone because of their religion is discrimination. I would be happy to hire a muslim person if they deserved the job.

  • If you are a boss, will you hire an Islamic employee? Yes of course.

    No religion teaches terrorism as all of them follow the golden rule. The Golden Rule or ethic of reciprocity is a moral maxim or principle which may appear as either a positive or negative injunction: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself (positive or directive form). However, there are many verses provided in the scriptures that can be taken out of context and projected into their followers. In Quran like any other scriptures there are many context sensitive verses and they are misinterpreted and misinformed to the Muslims. The meaning of the word Islam is peace and from this we can know that the intention of Islam is pure. Just because some misinformed persons carry out terror attacks we can not hold Islam as whole to be responsible.

  • Depends on the job.

    If I am an official in the Catholic church and I am looking for a vicar or a Bishop, then no I would not hire a member of Islam.

    I suppose just about every other job opportunity though would not warrant such discrimination. I would like to say that I have met lots of pleasurable and peaceful Muslims, but that is not the case. The few that I have had the displeasure of meeting in my life have all been incredibly disrespectful (I'm a teacher, most of the Muslims I have met have been students) and they despise the United States for whatever their assorted reasons may be. My wife, who was also a teacher in an inner city private school specifically for Muslim immigrants, was assaulted, threatened, and ridiculed by not only her students, but their parents as well. So unfortunately, until I have a more pleasant experience with people of that faith, I would still be a little apprehensive when hiring someone who claimed to be Muslim. I wish I was perfect and had a perfect understanding of people's hearts, but I'm not. I can only go by my life experiences.

  • Maybe later but not now.

    It's better to be safe than sorry. While I realize that not all Muslims are terrorists, their community is where ISIS acquires it's followers. Honestly you'd have to be a complete idiot not select workers based on religious beliefs. While you could try to act morally superior by not judging people based on their beliefs, you can't honestly tell me that you haven't succumb to pier pressure. They may not all be violent but a good chunk of them are and a lot more could be swayed into a more belligerent way of thinking. After we've rid the world of the violent ones I couldn't care less if you were Muslim or not.

  • It's not a just a religion.

    Everyone should enjoy working at my company. Joking around is part of it. But Muslims don't take jokes, Not about Islam or their holy profit. And they easily resort to death threats.

    However, The higher educated the less they are serious about Islam. And those serious Muslims who take Islam by word are jihadist.

  • Of course not

    They must be driven into extinction. Don't give them anything. Boycott everything they do. It is a siege situation. If we let them thrive they will kill us eventually. Anyone who has an understanding of islam knows they hate non muslims and have a convert or kill policy. If not for us do it forthe future islam must die

  • They demand special treatment.

    There are many things they don't allow that we usually do. Men and women should not be having a close contact. They hate pork, they abhor dogs. There are many cases of Muslim employees demanding that company policies and operations should fit according to their religious needs. Among the known examples: Muslim bus drivers and taxi drivers refusing to take in people with service dogs, a Muslim woman who entered a salon demanding for male customers to get out or a Muslim woman refusing to render services to a transgender woman. ( I've come across these stories) The worst part, they refuse to follow the laws and constitutions of the countries they go to and wants Sharia Law. Look what's happening in Europe especially Germany, United Kingdom and Sweden. This people want opportunities but they want to set their own rules according to their religion.

  • They believe that they own you because Allah said so.

    I have been deployed several times in the middle east as an adviser to indigenous troops. They always think that the world is theirs, and theirs alone. They have been told so by Allah. Likewise they are not interested in accommodating you and your business. They demand that you accommodate them instead. If you do not do what they want they will do anything from protesting to killing you. This is what Muslims do.

  • Because you will be sued.

    Go to the website bare naked islam. There are well over 100 stories of why you shouldn’t hire a muslim. Not hearsay, the stories are from newspapers or news casts. I worked with a man of the muslim faith for many years, he never sued the company but he did cause problems at times.

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