If you are about to die, would you be willing to undergo cryonics procedure?

Asked by: willisuh
  • A chance to live again

    I may not know how it would turn out, if it would even work, but assuming they could fix everything that was wrong I would be curious to see the world of the future. Assuming they still have libraries or the internet or some equivalent the first thing I would want to do is read about the new "history" which before I was frozen was still the future. I would also be very interested in what was in the new present. It would be so exciting. As far as making my way in this new world I would just have to do my best. And chances are technology would improve what "my best" is. Human enhancement will be practical probably within my lifetime, and so would be incredibly advanced centuries or millenia from now. Concerns about inequality would push for some subsidization of enhancement, so I wouldn't be left out of it entirely just for not having money.

  • Yes I would!

    If I am about to die, this would be my way of contributing to science research on preserving life. It would be very interesting too, though, to see life for centuries and centuries. (If the procedure was successful). If not, then they would still have a lead because they would know what not to do next which narrows down what to do.

  • It would be pointless.

    Sure, whatever was going to kill me may find a cure some day. They may also have cures for other things. Maybe they have found the key to eternal youth. If that is the case, just let me die.
    If I was preserved till a cure was found, who is to say that I have any money left to be cured? After all, the procedure is costly, keeping your body frozen would cost quite a bit, over time, the cost would rise with inflation. By the time a cure is found, you may not have enough to cover the cost to be unfrozen much less the cure. If you were lucky enough to invest and have the account stay active while your frozen, and that account can not only afford you to be kept but grow enough to have you thawed and cured, you have an even bigger problem. You are now in a future that is beyond you. You have no relevant skills. This means you have no way to support yourself. What money you have left will quickly dry up when you are faced with the costs that could be so high, a bottle of water may cost $100 or maybe much more.

  • Not in my lifetime.

    Our world is too overpopulated and growing exponentially at a frightening rate, so Cryogenics would only exacerbate the problem. It's an interference to the natural ebb and flow to keep our numbers regulated.

    Although in a double-twist of irony, I think Cryogenic research should be employed and even encouraged for us to colonize possible habitable or semi-habitable exoplanets that are simply too far to travel to in an awakened state, by means of getting excess population off earth.

  • Pointless is the word.

    I don't find enough reason to believe that preserving my body will someday lead up to any significance. My body doesn't define myself. Once I die, I believe in the theory of myself continuing to exist, only in another state. Cryonics simply exploits the physical self exponentially, for absolutely no point that I can deduct.

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