If you are an anonymous who's posted more than 6 times, should you get an account?

Asked by: Lordgrae
  • I hate anaymous posters

    Ugh, some anomyous posters have good points, but it's a shame we don't know who they are! Ugh, some are so cool I wanna befriend them, but they don't even bother to make themselves known. I hate the anymous posting here on this site. It sucks to death! Hate it!

  • There is no reason not to.

    If you've really spent that much time on this site, then it makes sense to get an account. Even if your not sure how long you'll use this site, if you've gone on at least 4 times, and posted 6 times, you should get an account. I will now make the 50 word requirement... Disappear!

  • No, anonymous posting is valuable.

    No, anonymous posting is valuable, because people are more likely to be honest if they can be anonymous. Also, a person might want to take a position that is contrary to what their employer might think, and they are worried about backlash. Anonymous posting can help people who are timid for whatever reason, express their opinions.

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