If you are for more gun laws, are you morally consistent?

Asked by: weefishy
  • I cant say that I can Judge the Actions of Another, that is the point

    While I cannot accurately state a generalisation about how people react to low gun laws without neglecting results of representative data, the fact that I am unable to know how people will be with guns is one reason I believe they should be banned in the US. I am a UK citizen, and the absence of civilian weaponry all together makes the UK much safer from gun crime and easier to come to a conclusion on a verdict for a criminal using a firearm.

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InnovativeEphemera says2014-06-17T08:39:00.053
Would you mind clarifying the question? Gun control is an interesting topic but please elucidate the relevance of 'consistency' where no there's no assumption of any previous moral undertaking.