If you are religious, doesn't that mean magic exists?

Asked by: SnaxAttack
  • If God Created the World, there has to be Some Sort of Magic

    I am Christian, and believe that God created the world. Many may disagree, and that is their belief; but if we think about the idea of God creating the world, isn't he using some form of magic. I mean, God is the all powerful magical being that we all heard or know about, so he has to have some sort of magical energy. Most religions seem to fall under this category, and if you believe in a religion; isn't magic real. Because in most religious stories, there is some form of magic being produced; so it would make sense of it truly existing.

  • You can deny it all you want, but there is magic in the bible.
    A magic man in the sky made everything out of nothing. Done.
    Also there are mentions of necromancers and mediums in the bible:

    The mere idea of a God is impossible to be proven with science, so i'm pretty sure God is Dumbledore or something similar.

  • Uh..... No..... You could be wrong....... Magic can not exist while you believe in religion.

    People believed the world was flat for millenia. Doesn't mean the world actually was flat. People believed that the earth was the center of the universe. But we're not. You can believe a religion, and be wrong. I say this as a Christian, but any religion can and probably will be wrong. It was made up by humans, how on earth can you expect them to get it right?

  • Religion is NOT Magic.

    There are people with magical powers that are not religious.

    So religion itself, although powerful concept is not magical in any way, being spiritual is more magical than being in a religion because you feel being in a religion creates your own identity.

    There are ways to establish your own identity, but you don't need religion in order to do that and yet you can become more powerful and magical than religion itself. How cool is that?

  • Not all religions necessarily require magic.

    Religion, at its simplest, is simply putting your faith in something that can not necessarily be proven. Buddhism, for example, does not necessarily require magic to be true. If something along the lines of reincarnation exist, it doesn't mean there it is caused by magic, it would just be the natural workings of the world. But I guess it really depends on how you define magic. Any technology, which can be expanded to natural phenomenon, that is sufficiently advanced enough that it can't be explained can be described as magic. If it is defined as a mystical force that is used by beings to mold the universe to their will, then no, religion does not necessarily require there to be magic.

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