If you are willing to accept an organ donated by others, are you willing to donate?

Asked by: ynot.veera
  • Yes if I die

    If I where to die for whatever reason I could not care less what someone did with my organs.
    They could eat them use them as sex toys roast them or move them over to someone else.
    If I am dead I have zero problems with whoever wants to take what they want.

  • Donate the body

    It is undeniable that many adults and children from poor countries in many regions are facing many serious diseases, epidemic and cancers. Especially in the case that I receive an organ donated by others, I will absolutely pay for it. What makes human unique and beyond other animals in the world is their mind. However, It is sad but true to say that people now are very suspicious and selfish. Some people wonder if they support others, what will they receive? Nothing but it is a love, obligation and instince that every animal has

  • Donate the body

    There are more than thousands and thousands of people who can't even see the beauty of earth and there are many children who unable to live due to heart failure.Let the others to live with your organs.Once you buried you organs got eaten only by the bacteria Donate your body

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