If you bully a child to the point where they commit suicide should they be charged with man slaughter?

Asked by: danidandan
  • I support "rottr"

    Like he said, if I tell a guy "Go kill yourself!" and he writes in a suicide note, then you would be charged with assisted suicide. Now, I'm not for sure about the man slaughter thing. I think it would be a good idea though. So many kids are bullied these days, it's crazy

  • Yes they should

    But the only way they would be charged is if the kid that commits suicide mentions the other kids name in the suicide note in a negative way he will be charged. If the kid that wants to commit suicide does not mention the other kid their would be no way for him to be charged

  • Their Own Decision

    Even if someone sends you note "Go kill yourself" that does not mean you should do it. It is absolutely 100% your decision whether you do it or not. They are not killing them- it is their choice if they want to die or not. Someone could send me a message saying 'go kill yourself' and I'm not going to kill myself just because of that! I have reasons why I want to live- the person sending the note is not responsible. It is mean- but not responsible. If someone sends you a message saying "you should rob that bank", and you rob the bank, when you are on trial you can't say, "Well someone else told me to do it so it wasn't my fault!" Likewise, the same with bullying and suicide.

  • That would encourage revenge suicides

    They chose to commit suicide. Furthermore this would encourage more kids to commit suicide and name bullies or even frame people as bullies to get back at a rival or an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. The punishment for bullying should depend on what the bullying consists of, not depending on how the victim reacts. Schoolyard taunting warrants an in-school detention. Beating someone up warrants assault and battery charges. Spreading gossip warrants a libel lawsuit.

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