If you came upon new information, would you change your mind about your religion (or lack thereof)?

Asked by: MrJosh
  • Learn or Perish

    People who manufactured/ created religion knew much less facts than we do now. Religion needs to upgrade its belief pattern as new facts emerge. e.g. There is no shame is accepting evolution and integrating it into religion. It is increasingly difficult to accept religion if it becomes synonymous with ignorance.

    Posted by: SGSG
  • I'm an athiest.

    I just believe whatever seems most logical, or whatever the facts point to. If I saw god, or found proof of him or her, I would definitely change my beliefs. The only problem is I see no proof of god, and don't understand how people would believe in something so strange without proof.

  • If it is backed up with Consistently Verifiable Evidence:

    I'm always open to having my concepts altered by evidence/information if it is presented in a way that has been confirmed by analysis and I can test it thoroughly as well to confirm to myself that it is correct. In other words it must be in a form that is reproducible and verifiable by scientific analysis.
    Being Reproducible is the crucial part of any Information.

  • Changing your mind is important.

    Especially when it comes to religious questions. I'm an anti-theist, so if proof of some superior deity - not necessarily one that is based on any holy scripture - appears and manages to stand the test of scientific examination, I would at least be fine with it leaving me to live life as I choose.

    Nonetheless, yes, I would change my mind and adapt to the current facts about the world's religions, but to follow the religion, perhaps not.

  • I borderline atheist/agnostic

    I am not quite ready to say that there is definitely no superior beings that had some role in the universe, but I am not saying that it isn't impossible for the chaos theory to be right either. Sometimes I think we are nothing but chemistry, sometimes i think that maybe we were engineered by something with a superior understanding of life.

    Science can only prove so much before even it says "I have no clue!" but it tells us more than enough to discredit every religion on Earth.

    My two cents at least.

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