If you can't be born Racist then you can not be born Gay

Asked by: Facts4life
  • Hence and Therefore, Tinkerbelle

    You're right. And what the mind can conceive, Can mess up the mind. Even a fraud like Jordan Peterson explained the reality of dark thinking polluting the mind--once invited in, It becomes hard to shake. The same way, Yes, Alcoholism is a disease, But that's only later, When the addiction has become physical.

    How this plays, Is that Man insists his own scope, Not that of God or the Universe, To be limitless, And it's anything but. We Are Only. Only what we are. And the choices are few and basic. There is only male and female. You can have the Vivisectionist League go at you in your torment, But Only Male and Female exist as ONLY. These, By nature and Nature, Attract. Provision exists for those without drive or natural desire, But it involves spirituality, And like the generic candy you got at Halloween when everyone else was handed Snickers, I'll assume you won't want it. But it's ONLY male-female screw-screw = Progeny, Hence and therefore male-female screwscrew = Progeny, And that is the name of that extremely limited existence tune. Unfortunately, You have a brain, And sex is intrinsic to being, And if you don't want the Other you Have To Want, Then your brain and you get to have a ta party, And what it serves you both up, Is sad, Pathetic, Twisted, Sick, Horrific and at turns, Deadly. . . In the end, The Death of Earth, As it ties to the current riots: Pride + Rebellion = Death to The Other. OTOH, It's your constitutional right (although my guess would be, Only Franklin would have Liked it on 18th Century FB), So go for it. But "born" that way? No. Tabula Rasa, Keeds. We're born nothing but essential chemistry. Essential chemistry as per "gotta screw", Is lacking in some. These, Are selfish, Sad and angry, Because all now think it's First Grade and everyone gets the same candy. No. You don't. Life is NOT "fair". Life, Results in Death. If the other-typal chromosome person is yucko to ya and you don't want der spiritual, Do as thou wilt. . . But (BRACE FOR IMPACT), That's a choice. Same as the alkie's first 1000 drinks.

    I have now stated the foundation, However it might make thee poop. So, Guess what? Racism is learned. As is serial killing. Do As Thou Wilt.

  • I agree with

    He has point. They learn from their family and friends that minorities and groups are bad. Like when a couple tells their children to walk away from a black man or wash themselves after being near an Asian person. Its those things that enforce their thinking into adulthood.

    With gay people it starts with them putting on dresses or having older sisters or having a creepy uncle. Something traumatic happens to them or they revive positive reinforcement for being queer. Or being in heavily pro masculine family and having creepy priests touching you. All gay fall in between those spectrum. Then there is the weird case where they just are like that just like some kids are just racists. Even if they came from a normal environment.
    Racism and gayness are not genetic they just emerge from childhood.

  • If you learn to be Racist then you learn to be gay.

    I know this is a touchy subject however Disclaimer***(I accept all LGBTQ+ it is not my thing but have respect for your decision) I think if you can not be born Racist you can not be born Gay. It is a serious question and would love to debate. Because they are both feelings towards another Human being. So either you can be born Racist and be born Gay. One is hate and one is Love. Although they are both feelings towards a Person. So maybe they are both taught. I think they are the exact same category. Racist discriminate (hate) towards a certain race and if you are born gay you love a certain group of men or women(your preference)

  • Being Racist has nothing to do with being gay.

    Being racist is something you choose to do. You choose to be rude to black people, Or any race.

    Gay, However, Is totally different. Its not something you choose to be. Its a part of you. Your mind is attracted to the same sex. It isn't something you get to choose.

  • This is very misleading.

    The two really have nothing to do with each other. Being angry at a different human comes from learning that that other human being "deserves it". With being gay, You don't decide who you're attracted to. It just kind of happens. Yes, You can feel more comfortable around people who look more like you (which happens with every race), But I don't think that's racism. Feeling as if you're superior to "that other race" is learned through childhood, And can be unlearned. This has been proven. Meanwhile you can't love someone who you aren't attracted sexually to. It just won't work.

  • Racism is taught. Sexuality is discovered.

    Nobody taught me to be bisexual. When I was a kid, I watched MTV with my sister (when music videos were still a thing on the channel). I found myself having a crush on one of the girls in a punk rock music video. I didn't even know what being gay was yet. It's just how I am. Nobody is born racist. You are taught that by your parents or the world around you.

  • Being gay and racist is a different thing

    Racism happens because of influence, While being gay is natural and caused by genetics. Science has proven this. There are homosexual animals, And there aren't racist animals. Being racist harms society, While being gay doesnt. Even if it is(which its not), You are technically saying that you werent born straight? (don't give me the bullshit of religion or whatsoever, Not everyone believes in what you believe)

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