If you could change one thing about society, what would it be? Please be specific and frivolous.

Asked by: Victorian
  • Why does wine come in bottles and not in cans?

    Why do all houses have basically the same layout and men wear basically the same clothes every day? (Pants, and shirts) Are beds better than hammocks? And if so, are they so much better that it makes sense that there is possibly no middle class person in the western world who has an indoor hammock but no bed? Please put all of your frivolous creative ideas about how the world might be different on this opinion!

  • North Korea and South Korea

    I would like to change all the conflicts going on right now, especially the conflict between North and South Korea. They hate each others culture and they even hate each others life. I think that they should just come together. If they come together they would even be strong enough to take over Japan and if they do they can take over China. If they take China, Japan they would have the power to take over USA.

  • One sideded points and views.

    If i could change one thing about society i would change peoples biased, and one sided opinions on many things. I can think outside the circle ( i know i am supposed to say box, but a circle seemed more figurative) in 360 different ways. I usually won't judge until someone gives me reason to. I hate having some conversations with my father because he has his opinions and views on things, but is rarely open to except other views and opinions.

    Random examples:

    my father was talking about how kids just don't have any respect these days. He was giving his example of what he saw that day. Some teenager was acting up to his mom. My dad thought the kid should been smacked on the head, grounded, and have all his prize possessions taken away. I told him that he shouldn't judge the kid so harshly until he knew why the kid was acting up. Because for all he knew the kid has a mother who is a drug addict, and his step dad molests him. Or the he was literally just being a brat.

    People always say i am a picky eater. Well i believe science would say that its not my fault, and lady gaga would say i was born this way, but they can just keep thinking i am doing it on purpose. Because i don't know why off brand waffles taste horrible, but eggo taste just fine, but i am done arguing about it.

    I guess to some things up i would say i would really change people's quick way off stereotyping and judging people by their covers. After all you don;t know why, or how they got to be who they are, and so why should you automatically start ridiculing, and rejecting someone because they have a strip of blue hair. ( which one of my friends did last week)

    this probably seems like what a lot of people would say, but i hope i took it from a different angle. I am not trying to be some lovey dovey stop the bullying someone might kill themselves type of guy here, but i am tired of seeing some actually really cool people get bashed on, or some other person get bashed on for reasons they couldn't control. Trust me i have done some of the things i have said are bad in this here post. But most da time i get to know people first, and that i why i can have good times and good conversations with many different clicks at my high school. My wide array of openess is probably why i like most movies, and why i like most genres of music. Including country music, which i always have to defend it, and the people who are only rap and hip hop can't usually come up with a good reason why they don;t like.

    If you read the whole thing, or even part of it, leave your thoughts down below.

  • Sodahead as they would cheat other people

    The puritans of Northern Europe who think that tomboys who prefer guy friends and autistic people are like some scourge on society. Sodahead because they cheat people online. There are other things too. Imperialism, warmongering. Arrogance, hatred. Lots of things that annoy me about this world that annoy the hell out of me.

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