If you could go back in time would you give an abortion pill to Barack Obama's mother?

Asked by: JustCheNo
  • Saving The World From Barack Hussein

    If you could go back to 1961 on the night that Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama was conceived by his alcoholic, Marxist, polygamist, wife beating father and his clueless hippie mother, would you slip an RU486 pill into his mother's wine bottle? Saving America (and the world) from this evil dictator would be the finest act of patriotism any man, woman or child could ever do.

  • Hahaha this funny

    Being that Obama is pro abortion l makes you want to say yea sure because is just absurd to murder a baby for whatever selfish reason there is adoptions. Once a heart is beating there is life in that body if you didn't want to end up pregnant close your legs. You can try to mask the truth but the fact of the matter is that these doctors and everyone for it are committing and supporting murder and will have to respond to God all mighty who is just and kind he will not let this go by un notice.

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  • No President Obama

    If Obama's mother had had an abortion, there would never have been an Obama! Ever! No Big Lies, no ObamaCare, no NSA spying, no IRS auditing of Tea Party, no Fast and Furious, no 16 trillion deficit, no 15% unemployment, no embarrassing Apology Tour, no Russia and Syria thumbing their noses at us, and America would still be a superpower to be feared and respected.

  • It's her choice, right?

    As far as I can tell from the question, nobody is making her take the pill - you are simply providing it to her. Don't you liberals love providing birth control to poor women? Don't you love letting the woman choose? Assuming that is the case, this is simply going in time to provide what liberals want to provide to people right now. How would this be much different than, say, going back in time to give flu vaccines to the Spanish flu epidemic victims?

    By saying there is, you liberals implicitly admit there IS a difference between abortion and other medical procedures, someone DOES die as a result of the abortion, and there ARE potential consequences for future generations. With that type of logic, you make the case for being pro-life far better than most pro-life folks do.

    Posted by: TN05
  • Obama is Stupid and Wasteful

    Obama has increased the tax, making us Republicans pay more and more for the lazy bums who do not get a job. First, Republicans are losing their hard earned money that is given off to some slum that is "under the poverty line". Next, he has screwed our economy, as shown by the increasing national debt. Finally, by having jobless people set the example for the rest of the country, knowing that they will be supported by hardworking Republicans, will predict the detriment to our country. Obama should be gone!

  • He is stupid

    I don't really like Obama as a president. After all though, I am a republican. I do not really think he's a great president overall. I think he makes stupid decisions and shouldn't be in charge of our country. I feel that giving his mother an abortion pill would be the prime thing to do if you could go back in time.

  • I wouldn't do that anybody!

    I wouldn't even do that to George Bush who is, in my opinion, the worst President in history! It's one thing to wish that Obama was never President but it's inhumane and disgusting to wish that he had been aborted.
    On a lighter note, if i had a time machine i wouldn't waste it on something stupid like that. I would probably just observe and not change anything.

    Posted by: WSB
  • Doing so would create a massive time paradox.

    If I went back in time and told Mama Obama to abort her child with a pill I then gave her, and she listened, then Barack Obama would never have been born, so I wouldn't have gone back in time to give her the pill, so Barack Obama would have been born, so I would've gone back to give her the pill, and she uses it to abort Barack, and I don't go back in time, so Barack is born anyway... And on and on until the universe breaks or the cycle is broken, whichever comes first.

    And there's always the possibility that she won't listen and throws the pill away, in which case I just wasted a perfectly good time warp.
    Overall, I think the Doctor put it quite clearly: "You cannot rewrite history! Not one line! "- The Doctor ('The Aztecs')

  • Absolutely Not, That's Ridiculous

    I'm not Obama's biggest fan, but he hasn't done a horrendous job at presidency like Bush. He's stuck to his guns, he's giving the lower middle class a shot, and focusing on student debt reduction and healthcare reform, aka the issues that ACTUALLY MATTER. Obama's had his flaws, including being too caught up with trivial issues, and his foreign policy leaves a lot to be desired, but he's not a bad president by any means.

  • I wouldn't do that to anyone.

    As much as I think a lot of people are idiots, I wouldn't go back and abort them, mainly because it's none of my business what a mother does with a fetus.

    But that isn't what the question is. So, no. At least Obama does care about people who don't fit the mold of being a white, cisgender, heterosexual, rich man. He's certainly better than Bush or Romney.

  • No way!

    Abortion should be a choice so it is up to Obama's mother to decide on abortion or not. So if time was rewound it would be up to her to decide with the knowledge she has gained if she will decide to abort her son or not. If someone forced her to do an abortion it is murder.

  • This is asinine.

    If I could go back in time I would try to do something that would benefit humanity. I do not understand why you would go to such lengths just to get Hillary Clinton elected. I do not think that her presidency would have been wildly different. I imagine she would have face republican obstruction and constant attempts to generate controversy just like obama. I imagine she would have continued a ridiculous amount of Bush's policies just like Obama. They are both to moderate but the people wanted someone like that so even if you go back and kill her we still end up with another moderate president stuck with a bad situation based on bad economic models like trickle down.

  • I'm pretty sure that the first reply. (Look to the left). Is either:

    25% chance: An inflaming reply by an attention-seeking missile.
    50% chance: Someone who doesn't like Obama and is exaggerating their opinion to get an argument
    25% chance: Someone who actually to some extent believes these things.

    I'm not particularly fond of Obama either to be perfectly honest but stopping him from being born! If you really don't like his policies then wait another few years and vote your opinion!

  • How hypocritical of you

    First off, to the people who say yes because you don't like that he supports abortion so he should have been aborted.. That is one of the most hypocritical things I have ever heard.

    Second, I don't support abortion, so I say no.

    Third, Obama is not a bad president, he is much better than other presidents and presidential candidates that we have had.

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Rubyclaw says2013-06-21T00:22:23.357
Seriously, no one else thought about time travel restrictions?
Ragnar says2013-06-21T03:52:49.900
But by going back and giving her that pill, you'd probably just kill the perfect Obama, leaving her to get pregnant a week later with this guy we've elected president... Or worse you'd get so drunk on the wine, that you'd accidentally get her pregnant yourself, causing him to have existed.
JustCheNo says2013-06-22T18:59:00.590
If Obama had been aborted his white mama might have found out before she got pregnant again that Obama Sr. Was married to two other women and the same time and "might" have refused to have sex with him. Therefore the only offspring would have come from Obama's stepfather Soetoro, who unlike Obama Sr. Hated the idea of Marxism and was not an anti-colonial America hater, or a drunk, or a wife beater. So the kid born in Obama's place would never have appealed to liberals and never would have been elected as president. In fact he probably would have ended up where Obama's brother did, living in a Kenyan dump picking through garbage to survive.