If you could improve the quality of life of your child (designer baby), would you?

Asked by: debatemc
  • God created scientists.

    God makes scientists to spur innovation and wants us to be the best we can be. If she didn't want us involved in exploration then we wouldn't have the tools we have today. God allowed us to evolve so we could make ourselves as close to her image as possible. Designer babies are the next step in God's divine plan.

  • Yes, because my genes are why I've chosen not to have biological children.

    My family has numerous genetic faults from mental to physical illness, which has made many of our lives unpleasant. Because of this I've chosen to adopt, but if I could have my own children while eliminating health risks, I certainly would, in a heart beat.

    Because nearly every human lives long enough to breed, our species is full of health problems. It would be cruel to not allow certain people to breed over factors they can't control though, and even more cruel to eliminate the weak. What would be a solution that everyone would benefit from, especially our offspring, is to eliminate health risks before they can even begin, and make our species stronger as a whole. If we put more effort into prevention, we would be saving loads of resources and time put into treating numerous genetic disorders, not to mention save lives.

  • Only if it benefited their health!

    Yes, but only if it prevented them from having serious health problems, diseases or illnesses that could be life-threatening or damage their wellbeing because I wouldn't want them to have to suffer. Otherwise, I'm strongly against designer babies because you should be more than happy with the child that you've been blessed with.

  • For a personal level, yes. On a societal level, maybe not.

    On a personal level, of course I would give my child any advantage I could provide. On a societal level, it would start good and end in disaster. The reason we thrive right now is genetic diversity. When we take away that diversity, the humans will start to get weaker and genetic unforseen diseases as time goes on.

  • Life should be full of surprises!

    Even if you had 5 sons and just wanted 1 daughter, deciding to plan the sex of your child I believe isn't right. What is even worse is trying to change the genes of a human embryo such as having blonde hair and blue eyes. The research and money spent on this is wasteful and could be used for better things. Having a child is supposed to be exciting and shocking as the child grows but if you have designed your child to your own perfection, it is like you have become your own creator like Sims. It is fiction and life shouldn't be changed for personal needs. Improving quality of life is helping those who are already breathing on earth.

  • Its breaking the natural rules

    It is most definitely wrong. You cant go agsinst nature, it just shouldnt be aloud. Having a genetically modified child can seriously harm it. It can be born with major genetic diseases, which can harm their child and so on and so fourth. If you really believe in science rules, then you would be against it.

  • Designer babies carry the risk of resulting in an elimination of diversity in the human population, as well as major health risks

    Once people start creating "designer babies", many others will inevitably follow suit, resulting in the unwanted creation of a large population full of people who look, and think alike. The elimination of diversity results in a world that is less interesting, and people can no longer feel special or unique based on their own strengths and weaknesses. A severe consequence of this problem is there being an even more drastic rich-poor divide, because the rich can afford creating designer babies while the poor cannot, it hence carries major consequences to society.
    Also, changing of the human DNA carries major health risks that may lead to unfortunate cases of destroying a human life instead of improving the quality of it. For example, DNA that seems to be linked with higher intelligence has also been linked to various psychological disorders, hence a small unforeseen error in creating a supposedly highly intelligent child could result in crippling the child. This risk is not worth taking, if it means the potential destruction of the lives of children who never consented to this in the first place.
    Even if an improvement of the quality of one life is possible, the idea of the engineering of human genetics carries too much risk to be executed under a major scale, with its potential risks outweighing any possible advantages. For the sake of the mental and physical health of the future generation, it is not a good idea to have designer babies.

  • An absolutely not.

    There are many ethical reasons not to for one not everyone can afford to. Now all of a sudden the rich will have fewer genetic health problems and health care that the poor need for these conditions will become rarer and more expensive. There will be a new class system the rich will have the ability to have better eyesight no learning disabilities like adhd and dyslexia. Soon the poor will no longer be able to over come their disadvantages. Why would a Baines hire you of if they know that the other guy has no genetic predispositions to anything he won't have to take time off for that back surgery or for his diabetes. And health insurance dam that would be a nightmare. There is a movie about exactly this is called Gattica it's very realistic watch it and tell me this is a good idea. Also life ain't worth living if you don't differ at some point one moment of beauty for a lifetime of pain is better than nothing at all.

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