If you could press a button that would give you a billion dollars but kill 10 people you have never met, would you press it?

Asked by: 180_Degrees
  • Absolutely - who wouldn't?

    $1B, 10 people dead? Kind of a no-brainer there. Humans are somewhat expendable these days. Sorry if that's an unpopular position to take, but there are 6B+, we can and do (sometimes irresponsibly) reproduce ourselves, and WE are the ones that make this planet as harsh, violent and unforgiving as it is. 10 people dying so that I can live in the lap of luxury is an easy trade off. Besides, with that much money, I can easily pay for 10 sick people to get better, or pay for 10 women who can't have children conceive.

  • Without a doubt

    A long as I've never met them I frankly don't give a damn who dies, it seems illogical to care about 10 people dying if you have never met them and never will.

    ''but muh morals'' morals are subjective, me choosing to let 10 people die may be immoral to you but it's moral to me.

  • The real question

    This question is a very simple one, one that ask you to choose between your own selfishness and your morals. I have no shame in admitting in the situation I would without hesitation choose my own selfishness. There is no exception to who those people may be one of them could be the pope for all I care.

  • If everyone says yes, humanity is over.

    Let's say one's instinctive move will be choosing to press the button and get a billion dollar (while in the process killing 10 ppl), as this benefits him or herself the most. By this logic, should everyone in the world choose this instinctive option when given the chance? NO. If everyone chooses to press the button, it is by default killing every one of us. Humanity as we know it will disappear, literally. Would you want to be one of the 10 people getting killed for some selfish individual's self-centered impulse of getting that 1 billion? Would you want to see your loved ones die because of some impulsive individual's selfish decision? No. If everyone can reach this conclusion that this will do more harm than benefits for our society and for ourselves, we will have a better decision made to not press that button. Should you decide to press that button, you should expect that you are the next victim of sacrifice for someone else' selfish decision -- whether that's by hatred or karma.

  • It is murder

    It is killing because of your own selfish actions. It is basically going to a bank, killing the ten ppl who are running it, and then stealing a billion dollars. Mustering is never justifiable. If you want a billion dollars, then work for it, don't kill for it. It doesn't matter what you are going to do with the money, it is still wrong.

  • The bible source

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