If you could push a button and destroy all human life. Would you? All other life would survive as is; plus evidence of mankind too.

Asked by: digitalbeachbum
  • Mankind as a whole might have only a few really rotten people, but Mankind itself sucks.

    My view is that Mankind is a plague. They consume, destroy, reproduce and contribute nothing to the improvement of this planet or the Universe. We even corrupt our own children, who start off innocent and then progress in to duplicates of ourselves. We have governments who are manipulated by greed and profit; who turn their backs on their people who they swore to protect. Instead they support big business and the money makers, who squeeze the life out of those less fortunate. I vote to destroy mankind and let nature start over.

  • Stop the pain.

    I think it's egiostic to not destroy the world.
    Of course there are people who have a nice life.
    But there are other people and animals who are
    suffering and some have horrifying pain.
    I just don't think it will ever get better.
    There are to many people and to many rotten
    evil creatures.

  • Humanity has lost it's values in life.

    Without any doubt, it can be said that not less than 87% of people throughout the world have lost their human values of respect, appreciation, compassion, support, co-operation and love. The fact is, through the loss of these human values, the earth is being destroyed by non other than people with greed, selfishness, pride, division and hate.

  • Humans are a plague

    The human animal is the only evil animal in the animal kingdom. We destroy everything. We subjugate and kill each other for sport but worse yet we have found a way to actually alter the environment which is causing other species to be endangered. I email the president weekly and beg him to push the button and stop the madness already

  • Yes i would because animals would be much better off without us and they are innocent beings that dont deserve the misery we bring them.

    Yes and animals in the wild only have to worry about minutes or seconds of pain (being eaten). In captivity animals have to worry about years of pain suffering and misery so they would be much better off without us. Humans are smart enough to be sadistic but not smart enough not to be. Sometimes they are sadistic without even knowing they are being sadistic like they are with animals. Slave owners didnt know they were in the wrong and now everyone thinks they were so is it possible that we are doing wrong without knowing we are wrong like every other society in history. To bad that perfect god doesnt teach us himself and just lets us suffer from stupidity and delusional thinking

  • We're screwing up the world.

    In the short time we've been on this planet, humans have already destroyed so much.
    We destroy ecosystems, and kill off entire species of animals.
    Not to mention our violence against each other. We kill off races of our own.
    The world would be better off without humans as a whole.

  • Do I survive?

    To be honest, humans disgust me. If I could select a few people, maybe a man and woman of each race, plus any experts like doctors engineers etc, to survive and start over I would. I myself would survive, and anyone I found worthy. But a a whole humanity would be destroyed. We've done enough damage to the Earth, and some of it can not be fixed, ever. I think if we greatly reduced the population, things would improve.

  • The World Was Fine Before

    Humans have not been around for very long and, as mentioned before, we have killed off: species, ecosystems, each other (Be honest), destroyed vast amounts of forests, food quantities, fuel sources, water quality and the atmosphere. If we never existed, there would be abundance of 'natural' still around. It would be the 'heroic' anything, anyways. Saving how many /animals'/ lives over our own, selfish ones.

  • Save the Planet! Get rid of the Humans!

    I think this is a viable argument. And very interesting debate. You can successfully argue that by removing the most destructive species on earth, one would save the majority of the other species of plants and animals which inhabit this planet. Humans are responsible for the most killing of life on this planet. Who knows Maybe the human species may not survive climate change?! We are also a very vulnerable species, and have become so dependent, that we rely on many sophisticated artificial things just to survive. If climate change wipes out our fragile human systems, perhaps we will also not survive?...

  • A New Start.

    If we died, many creatures would go extinct due to the fact that we are the ones taking care of them. Cities would crumple, most domestic animals would either turn feral or die off. There are good people, people I wish would be saved, but I think past the periods of chaos.
    Some animals would adapt, many would die off. Those that did survive? They would go on, another million years and they would be a different species. I'd see it as an opportunity for a new beginning, maybe the next species to develop sentience and tools will learn from the ruins of our civilization, and the world would be a better place.

  • For God's sake.

    Wow. So we should just give up? Instead of trying to fix our problems we should just kill ourselves? No.

    We have been getting better, Left Wing ideology is growing.
    Environmental Concerns are growing.
    Our Technology is getting better.

    We are one of the greatest creations of Nature, then we should act like it. But killing our ENTIRE species is stupid.

    The world is very different now. We have the power to change Earth, and ourselves.

    You are the result of millions of years of Evolution, act like it.

  • No, just no.

    This would mean that all nuclear power plants would probably melt down in the near future and that won't be a pretty sight. That thing aside, it would be just stupid for us to die. I mean, we are nature's greatest creation. We are part of it and everything we did or do is...Well...Nature, no matter what it is or how bad it is. There is no way around it.
    We are the most advanced species currently known to exist, without us nature would have no meaning, there would be no progress. Why would there be any animals if they would just keep eating grass, give birth and die? There is no reason for them to be there. Evolution is too slow to count on it for any progress and actually it has turned is into these "bad and heartless things" that we are. Survival of the fittest, remember? There is a reason we have survived and many other animals have not. This is the harsh truth, even if it may seem selfish.

  • Why would you?

    Why? Why? Why? It's basically the same thing as saying that murder is legal. A human life is so precious. It's a gift, so why destroy it? We all mistakes but does that mean everyone else is accountable? Mankind is not a plague, it's not screwed and it has value. Humanity is mind-bobbling. Never before has a species so ingenious have created, established, developed, initiated, fabricated, designed, manufactured, constructed or generated anything, but humans have. The wander of life is something that no one should take away. Humans are not disgusting, but they are human. Eradicating 7.5 billion people just to 'start over' is not the right answer. Destroying a human life is cruel and morally not right, even if it feels like it is. OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK AROUND YOU! A push of a button just to throw everything away is something I don't think I would ever understand. Sure life can get pretty tough sometimes, but your not the only one. There are 7.5 billion people for goodness sake, and I would bet a million dollars that even a single person is going through something you wouldn't even begin to imagine. So stop and think before you throw everything away.

    "Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights"

    "Where there is life, there is hope"

  • How are people saying "yes"?

    As human beings we should support each other. I'm against destroying the environment yes but I would never say we should destroy all human life. Humans for humans! We should save the ecosystem because of the potential risk to humans in terms of health, economics, and survival. People who say we should all die put people off to environmentalism because people think its humans v. Environment when really the environment matters because humans depend on it.

  • Are you people insane?

    You would destroy the greatest creation that the universe has ever birthed? A race of beings so powerful and dedicated to surviving and thriving that they mold nature itself to their needs? That is asinine.

    Believe it or not, humanity is headed for great places. Our scientists have split the atom and created energy and weapons so powerful that the mind cannot even fathom them. We have created works of art so beautiful that they bring grown men to tears. We have perfected warfare and risen to the top of the food chain as the most powerful beings in the universe (assuming that life exists only on Earth) despite our physical weakness, and you people think we should be destroyed?

    We were meant to conquer worlds. We humans are the greatest creators and destroyers to have ever lived. We can create beautiful architecture and destroy it and everything around it with the push of a button. We have built centers of education that contain all of the knowledge that humanity has gathered. We can create geniuses who can unravel the secrets of the universe, or we can create unstoppable warriors who don't know fear or surrender. The universe is ours for the taking, and you people want to see that future eliminated? That saddens me.

  • Are you insane?

    No one in their right mind would push the button. The only people who would are toddlers, who wouldn't know any better, and suicidal people. Do you know how awful it would be to destroy human life. Picture this, a mother comes into her kitchen, to her bubbly five-year-old, who is begging for some more candy. She decides to give in, when suddenly everyone drops dead. It is selfish to end all of those lives because you want to save the wilderness from humans? Humans started this mess, so humans have to end it.

  • Are you mad?

    Humanity has its flaws, its not perfect but no one person has the right to decide the fate of everyone else. If someone wishes to take there life that is there choice, if some idiot tried to take me and everyone else with them I for one would shoot them.

    Quite simply Humanity already has the capability to wipe most of us out, there called Nuclear/Biological weapons whether or not some one is stupid enough to use them on such a scale they wipe out humanity is not yet known.

  • Humanity is a Product of Evolution

    Assuming you believe in evolution, humanity is only a product of years evolution in play. If you kill humanity there is a great possibility a intelligent species will evolve to take our place and they too will make our same mistakes. So there is no point in killing of our species.

  • We've made it very far, why stop?

    I know some of you will probably say that humans are destroying the enironment, though that is only a side-effect of capitalism and greed. We must get rid of greed and capitalism, not every human being on the planet.

    Even if greed is "human nature", we still have the power to rise above it.

  • Nobody Has the Right

    On what right does anybody have to take the lives of over 7 billion people just because there are a few environmental issues. In the developed world (which causes most of the issues) there are green technology movements toward environmental friendly processes. Government agencies are even mandating environmental restoration. The environmental issues are getting better globally and to assert the extremely drastic idea of wiping out the human race just when things are getting better is insane. Besides, that would accomplish nothing. If anything, it would cause more harm and chaos in nature by removing such a large and influential species. It would be like suddenly removing a large, influential country from the face of the Earth (like the United States or China).

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Zylorarchy says2014-03-25T18:06:46.220
Interesting, I personally cannot decide... Humanity as a whole is evil, but then again... Should all be punished for the acts of some? No. The world would eventually recover from us... But, if a nuclear war ever happened it probably wouldn't. So many difficult variables, but either we MUST change or we WILL die.

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