• Yes, I would shop online rather than at Walmart.

    Over the past few years shopping online has become a normal activity when purchasing most items. While many people will prefer to shop in an actual store I would definitely be prepared to shop online as long as the systems put in place by the online store guarantee quality and swift delivery.

  • Yes, online shopping is more convienent.

    Walmart has always been attractive since it provides customer's a one-stop shopping center. This convenience has been unmatched for a long time. However, with the rise of online shopping, it is hard to say that Walmart is convenient, when customers can shop online and get whatever they want without ever having to leave the house.

  • Sometimes I might

    The majority of the time, I would rather shop at the store. I like to have what I purchase in my hands when I pay for it. I can get rather impatient waiting. At other times though, such as holiday shopping or birthday shopping, I actually prefer online shopping because there is less crowds to waft through.

  • Can't test the product

    Its better to physically see the product and test it out which you can't do online. Although it would take more time, but you'd be safe of online scams and then not being able to refund items and you might end up regretting shopping online so i'd rather prefer to do it at walmart

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