• Yes, voting is an important civic responsibility

    Yes, voting is a special right and privilege that every American is granted. It shows involvement in political and societal events and encourages people to be active and knowledgeable about their government. As politicians are meant to be agents of the people, the only way to enforce this standard is for everyone to take a vested interest in voting and political matters. Civic responsibilities need to be valued appropriately.

  • Yes I would

    If I could, I would vote this year. I feel like it is my duty as a citizen of this country to voice my opinion. Democracy is founded on majority rule, and if people didn't vote, we would not know what people wanted. I vote in every election, even if I do not completely agree with every bill, proposition, candidate, I try and make the best informed decision I can make. In the not too distant past, women and minorities did not even have the right to vote. They fought long and hard to win that right. As a woman I feel that it is my duty as a citizen to vote, for my own good and out of respect for those who fought for my right to vote.

  • Civic Duty to Vote

    I will vote this year because it is my civic duty to vote. My Congressional district is up for re-election this year as it is with every even-numbered year. Local elections are also on the way in the spring, summer and fall. I vote every chance I get because it is one of the most fundamental ways to express an opinion in America.

  • There's no point anymore

    At this point, people are reasonable to have no faith in our current political process. For the most part, despite campaigning on a completely different platform, there is very little that President Obama has done that President Bush would have done differently. At this point, it is clear that our leaders are not working in our best interests, no matter their party.

  • No, and that would be a political statement.

    I think politics in America have become too corrupt for a voter to feel good about casting the ballot. I honestly cannot think of one politician in high power that hasn't run an election as one person and then became another in office. It's a sad and cynical point of view to have, and I wish I didn't have it. However, it's how I feel, and in not voting, I would be making a political statement to protest the corruption.

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