If you couldn't have Children of your owh would you adopt?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • Of course I would

    I cannot imagine having to grow up in the care system we have in the UK because I was lucky enough to have parents. The majority of the children I knew who grew up in the care system felt unloved and like nobody cared about them and they would often turn to crime at a young age and the ones which managed to keep their noses clean would get bad grades at school not because they were stupid (on the contrary I knew one who was incredibly clever) but because they did not have the support of a family home to help them succeed. If I have the space and the funds to accommodate a child who needs a good home I would always adopt so that they don't have to grow up in the awful care system.

  • Without a doubt Yes

    My future Wife and I want to have at least 2 children. No matter what my future Wife and I are going to have at least 2 children. My future Wife and I will adopt if the number of Children don't meet our minimum requirement's. Even if we biologically have at least 2 children my future wife and I would still like to adopt at least one child.

  • No thanks man,

    I don't want to spend time and money on a kid that is not my own. Even as much as I want to be a father and raise a kid in my own image if he is not my own I don't feel I could raise him properly or love him to the extend as I would normally.

    I would probably be a good uncle to my brothers and sisters kids to fill the void of not having a child.

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