If you don't celebrate Christmas or aren't Christian, can you like Christmas films?

Asked by: Haxis288
  • Christmas films are universal.

    I think that people can appreciate Christmas films whether
    they are Christian or not. It’s no
    different than watching and liking a movie about Gandhi even though you aren’t a
    Hindu. Christmas films are usually
    feel-good movies that have a moral and a happy ending. They are also usually family friendly and
    have a universal appeal.

  • You don't have to celebrate Christmas to like the films

    Even if one is not too big on the Christmas holiday and doesn't really do much to celebrate, that still should allow them to enjoy a good Christmas movie when that season comes. I am sure a lot of people out there have this same mindset. Even though they don't really celebrate the great holiday, they still try to stay in the spirit by watching old movies/tv specials.

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