If you dont go to college after high school will you ever go back?

  • People can and have successfully returned to college later in life.

    Many people have returned to college later in life and successfully completed it. There are many reasons that someone may choose not to go to college right after high school. Some people like to take a gap year to travel and think about what they want to study in college. Some people simply can't afford it. Some people simply aren't mature enough to immediately attend college after high school. Whatever the reason, however, it has proven to be a better decision for many who waited and returned to college later in life because if they had gone right after high school, they might not have finished.

  • Yes, you will return to college.

    While most people think that you need to go to college right after high school, I think it is best to wait at least one year, Waiting a year will help you save up money for college, and you will mature quite a bit more after you get out of high school, better preparing you for college.

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