If you don't like someone or something, do you have to have a "rational" reason behind thinking so (yes), or is just a gut feeling is okay (no)?

Asked by: bothsidesguy
If you don't like someone or something, do you have to have a "rational" reason behind thinking so (yes), or is just a gut feeling is okay (no)?
  • Exploring one's likes and the whys for it is of immense value and produces the ultimate freedom

    To understand why you like what you like is of immense value and brings the greatest wisdom. Go deep enough and you can connect your likes to influences in your past, from family, friends, the media, culture, society, even how it relates to biology and physiology if you wish to read about that, and how all of the above relates together. You can come to a more complete understanding of yourself. You will even find yourself desiring to change desires. When I was a very young child I liked taking cold showers. My mom exclaimed about it being cold which made me dislike the cold thinking it was bad. Recently I read an article about cold showers being better because it doesn't dry up the skin as much. I undid years of reconditioning towards preferring warmer showers by getting into the shower determined to have it cold and to like it. I wavered a little bit, but I put real mental effort into changing my preference back, visualizing comfortable happy people in cold water springs happy and putting myself in their place experiencing their joy under the water. I now prefer cold showers again. I know that they are better for me too, so even more the better that I now find them pleasing.

    Other things I have changed. I used to hate pickles. I consciously thought about liking them and thinking about how to think about liking them in order to like them and it worked. Mushrooms taste good now too. More and more reason has a fast influence over my preferences.

    Do not be a slave to your desires. Instead make you desires work for you.

    I also realize I am using my frontal lobe to reprogram how my amygdala and insula, that general area work. I have not abandoned emotion, but have come to better understand it. I seek the right emotions, the emotions that help give me the best memory and the right motivations going into the future.

    I realize pleasure and pain and emotions are signals and that the signals are generally good but not always right and more and more I am able to resist them when they are wrong. Or take an opportunity to adjust your emotional responses with reassociation. If you are a smoker smoke a cigarette while making negative facial movements and thinking of gross things every time you smoke one. In time you won't want them anymore.

  • Not all of the time,no.

    I think that sometimes its OK to just have a gut feeling about like or disliking a situation or individual-you just can't ACT upon it (if its a person), if you only have a personal preference about it.But disliking a food, TV show, or type of clothing I dont think you have to explain yourself about that. Just my 2 cents.

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kbub says2014-02-14T01:53:43.427
Forced binary. What about other options or combinations?

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