• It's A Yes From Me

    Legally, no it is not yours to keep. But if somebody loses a $100 dollar note, it'd be very unprobabilistic that they'd go to every police department in the area looking for it. Finders, keepers.

    I understand many people would argue that this is immoral and I agree, but you have to look at these issues realistically.

  • Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers

    If you were to ask a random person if it was theirs they would definitely lie.

    Also there would only be a one of 7. 53 billion chance of actually finding the owner of the bill

    There would also be about 195 countries to search, Which would cost over 3, 000 times the amount of a measley 100 dollars

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  • Yes you should

    If I found $100 on the ground should you pick it up

    Argument 1: And it’s out of the question to bring it to the police station because it would take hour upon hour of your time filling out paperwork and it’s just not worth the time for such a small amount of money.

    Argument 2: Also if you would consider going around the street and asking people if it were theirs, It is almost certain that they would lie and pocket the money for themselves.

    Argument 3: You should keep it because if you were to leave the $100 where it was, Someone else is bound to take it themselves.

    Argument 4: Also if a person was carrying $100 they most likely be well of and not struggling for money because someone struggling for money wouldn’t have that much money.

  • Of course I would keep it!

    I would keep it because if you were to go around asking people if it was theirs they probably are going to lie. After all it is $100! Plus imagine how long it would take to go around to every single police station just to find the owner! You might as well keep it for yourself!

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  • Yes because if it’s just laying there someone else is gonna get it anyway

    Unless you see someone frantically looking for a 100 dollar bill ask them what’s wrong and if they tell you they lost it give it to them. If no one is gonna come back for it maybe you can try a nearby police station if you want or I’d just keep it.

  • I would keep the $100 bill because it is a decent amount of money

    Plus 376 meddler schooners say you should keep the money and you have some extra cash in your pocket if you want to buy some candy food and show all of your friends that you rich and you got more money them . So I would totally keep the money

  • Yes, I'd keep it

    I would keep it, my family could use the money. Not only that, but if you were to leave the $100 where it was, someone else is bound to take it themselves. If you asked around to find the person who lost it, someone else would claim it and you wouldn't really be able to tell if they're lying or not.

  • Yes, I'd SO keep it!

    Personally, I have NO MONEY and $100 would be SUCH a huge benifit. If I try to find the owner, anyone could say it was theirs. THAT would be stealing more than keeping the money for yourself. You could also donate it to charity if you wanted to, which I would, totally, but STILL! A hundred dollars is a LOT.

  • It is mine. Now give it back!

    Hey I just lost a hundred dollar bill, and the one you found is mine. Give it back. I can describe it. It has Ben Franklin on the front and Independence Hall on the back. I lost it when I was nearby to where you live. I had it when I was there, and now it is gone, Give it back.

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  • No, It's not yours.

    Just because some fool was careless enough to drop a one hundred bill on the ground, And you just happen to find it, Doesn't make it yours. Just because you were walking around with the deed to your house in your hand, And you drop it. And I find it. Would that make your house mine because I now hold the deed to it? No!

  • Hello, the HOMELESS???

    No, I find it VERY wrong because, there are homeless people who are broke, who has no drink/food and maybe who lost their families! If the the homeless person finds it first and isn't strong enough to get and somebody else taked it? You should be VERY ASHAMED and if they kill themselves it will have a horrible affect on the person so please be respectful to the homeless people and be kind and thoughtful to ask them what they want to eat and drink! God will bless you and the homeless person for that action!

  • No it is illegal

    It shouldn't be yours, because you can get in court or even arrested just because it is considered as theft just for the reason that it is theft because you really are not the owner so you need to find the owner or give it to the store who was more close or in a police station because if not it is considered theft

  • NO because it is ilegal and considered as theft

    It shouldn't be yours, because you can get in court or even arrested just because it is considered as theft just for the reason that it is theft because you really are not the owner so you need to find the owner or give it to the store who was more close or in a police station because if not it is considered theft

  • I think i wont get that money.

    I think i will not keep it because it is wrong and it is not right because it is stealing. If I saw the person drop it i will give it to him/her. If i did not see anybody i will leave it where it is and wait for another person to get it.

  • Think of the homeless

    The homeless have no money and if you found the money give it to the homeless because they have no money for the food they need to buy in the stores so keep the $100 dollar bill and please give it to the homeless for a reward to feel happy.

  • Nooooo nooo nooo

    No cause when you ask who the money is , you wont know who is lying who is not, you only have a $100 in your hand ,nothing else to know who owns it
    or just give it to someong that needs it more than you do remember now now

  • They dropped it its their fault.

    I could use it to feed my family and your pretty lucky you found one. And how are you going to find the owner of it anyway if you ho out everyone will say ''Oh that's mine and I have been looking for it.'' so you should just keep it.

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