If you get served Sierra Mist at a restaurant it should be legal to murder the waiter

  • I wanted Sprite

    Seriously waiters these days are so dumb. When I ask for Sprite at my favorite resutrant they always go "Is Sierra Mist okay? " or "OK sierra mist it is". TALK ABOUT SOME DUMMIES. We should be allowed to pop a cap in them right there. IT should be against the geneva convention to serve a man this excuse of a drink instead of the holy Sprite

  • The 4th commandment

    The original 4th commandment was actually the right to get served a sprite and not a sierra mist, So its actually un-patriotic to be served a sierra mist and such you are legally required to burn down the restaurant in said case. Hiding the bodies is optional, Unless its a child.

  • Don't be a Karen

    That waiter is working for low pay and fighting for tips. They have other people waiting on tables and need to go to the next person.
    At the very entrance you can ask if they have your sprite.
    For this reason if I go to a pepsi place I know my drink or If I end up in a cola place I pick something else.

  • It is not their fault

    The waiters are not deciding what is in stock. Higher management decides which brand deal to take for their soft drinks. They choose between Coke and Pepsi brands 99% of the time. If they chose the Pepsi deal, There will be Sierra Mist instead of Sprite. If you want Sprite so bad don't pick on the little guy just doing his job

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