If you go to college would you live there (yes) or at home (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Depends on the situation.

    For example, I have a list of colleges that I want to go to and all of them (except for one) are out of state. In that case, I would have no choice but to live in a dorm in those out of state colleges. But for the college that is in-state, it's two to three hours away. There is no way I could drive 2-3 hours every day just to go to school. Plus, throughout my life my parents have always controlled when I can hang out with my friends. How am I going to learn to be independent if I don't learn how to buy my own food, pay my own bills, etc?

  • Hell freaking no! :P Nothing beats home! :)

    Nothing beats home. I wonder sometimes if these kids that go to college that move there and sleep in dorms are just miserable deep down. Now if I wanted to be with my friends and have a break from my parents to get some independence, I sure as Hell would not live in a college dorm. What's the point. It's a silly generation X thing in Western countries.

  • Home All the Way

    I've already thought this through. Why would I want to live in a dorm that costs more and is the size of a closet? At home I get no rent, free food, near family, and I get my own bathroom. Who in there right mind would want anything else? (Excluding those who are going out of state.)

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