If you had a homosexual colleague of the same sex, would you find it awkward?

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  • I see nothing to find awkward about a homosexual colleague

    My first inclination after reading this question was how would I even know my colleague was homosexual? Many feminine men are straight and a LOT of gay men are not effeminate at all. Unless someone from my organization "warned" me, which would arouse feelings of discomfort toward that person, I generally have no way of knowing unless they volunteer it but such a conversation as that would not even be initiated unless we had already established some level of comfort in each other company.

  • It's important to judge people by their character, not by their sexual tendencies.

    Someone who is homosexual is very capable of being as good a colleague (reliable, hard-working, amiable) as someone that is heterosexual. When assessing a colleague, its important to judge them the characteristics relevant to them being a good colleague and by the standard we wish others to judge us by as well.

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