If you had a terminal illness and had the option of being tossed into a black hole, would you take it?

Asked by: philochristos
  • Yes!!! Even though I'll die before I get there.

    My plan if I were to become a billionaire is to hire a team to launch my dead body into black hole. I would be known as the first Earth borne object that we know of to enter past the event horizon. It would forever be scientific history. Fiftieth word

  • The opportunity to experience ultimate mystery!

    While we can assume what may or may not exist inside of a black hole, we have no real idea. It's the ultimate mystery to take with you to your grave, how exciting is that? Of course, if it turns out that the black hole extends your suffering and pain, that would definitely be a negative side effect. But what a wonderful experiment!

    Posted by: MC1R
  • Absolutely! Who wouldn't!!?

    Do i really have to say? How cool would it be to experience something like that? Learn and experience something that no one else ever has!? Heck yeah! Plus it's not like it would be a painful death. It would all happen so fast you wouldn't even know what hit you!

  • Take The Chance!

    No human has ever dared to approach a black hole, and for good reason. We have no idea what could happen if we went in it. There are two possibilities though, one is that we could get utterly obliterated by the massive force and pressure near the hole, or, as some others theorize, we could be transported to another universe. If you have a terminal illness, you are going to die. The black hole will kill you, or if you do make it into another universe, you'll end up dying anyways in blank space. However the chance to explore such a dimension is so tempting, it is definitely worth it.

  • Yes, just for the experience

    If you had a terminal illness, there wouldn't be much left to do in life; why not make history by being thrown into a black hole? You'd make an invaluable scientific discovery and relieve yourself from the suffering at the same time. I'd choose that over any conventional form of euthanasia any time!

  • You know it

    What do you have to lose? Make peace with your family and friends and then go into the black hole to see where it leads. Think of what could be on the other side and also really you can choose to stay home and wait for death or go on one last adventure to a place that nobody has ever gone to before death takes you

  • Would be interesting

    It would be an interesting and painless experience to see the innings of a black hole, plus, I would become a black hole! Massive (albeit uncontrollable and unexperienced by me) power! I can't think of 50 more words lol, 'this sentence is designed to fill up the rest of the required words to post'

  • No illness needed.

    The amount that could ne learned from monitoring such a "live probe" would outway the cost of a single life. Also to be recorded in historu books next to great men like Buzz... Hands down the benifits far outweight the limited cost.

    It would be awesome, just imagine being the first and probably only human to experience that.

  • Why wouldn't you?

    You're going to die anyway. Might as well make it interesting. Spend time with loved ones...Make your peace with the world, then head for the black hole and be the first witness. Sure, you won't be able to share the experience with anyone, but it would definitely be a great way to go.

  • The experience sounds horrifying

    The thought is interesting, but it would seem more terrifying than interesting if you go through with it. It wouldn't be painless. Even if the pain were to be short-lived, it would be indescribably excruciating. It's not worth the experience; I would rather die a normal way through euthanasia or some other earthly method.

  • Why do we have to go to Blaack hole to die?

    There are better way of dying in this world. For example, euthanasia is a way of dying peacefully. Why do we have to go to the black hole that is far away? We could just say to Doctor "I would die by euthanasia."
    After, you would die with no pain. Done! Why do we have to pay a lot of money to kill one's live? We have much better ways in Earth to die with no pain.

  • No chance in Hell

    There are many, many better ways to die, like being stabbed by a knife-wielding maniac. That is completely serious because in a black hole, your perception of time would be very different. You might be ripped apart in a couple seconds, but you could 'feel' like that for longer. Aside from that, the process of 'spaghettification' - being stretched by the incredibly strong gravity of the black hole's singularity - would be immensely painful, and the alternative 'wall of fire' hypothesis, which says that you would essentially be burned alive in a black hole, is only slightly less painful of an idea, since being burned alive is one of the worst ways to die.

    On the other hand, I think this is an entirely fair punishment for child rapists.

    Posted by: TN05
  • I would be dead before I reach the black hole.

    Though I do not have an expert understanding of black holes I can figure one thing: they are far away. The technology involved in getting me to this black hole would probably be expensive and require a lot of manpower and resources to achieve. Most prevalent in my opinion is though, being exposed to the vacuum of space would kill me before I could experience any kind of black hole related death. Perhaps I am incorrect considering the suction of a black hole is incredibly strong and could maybe suck me in before the vacuum of space does, but even if so i'm not convinced. It just seems like a generally unpleasant way to go. I'd rather be euthanized or just die in hospice care. The majority of terminally ill activities i'd have planned would remain on Earth.

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