If you had an option, would you relive your life again?

Asked by: jaze
  • I'd go back to the 90's and stay there.

    It's two fold. On one hand I was born in 90 and experienced my childhood in a decade that I think was pretty solid regardless of what age you were at the time, But especially so if you were a kid. Economically, Culturally, Technologically. It was an easy going/exciting time to be alive. The West was still The West (if you know what I mean). It hadn't yet gotten silly and stupid.

    Second fold, There are some things that I missed experiencing in the 90's as a child that I think I've been remiss without my entire life. There are also a few experiences and circumstances I dealt with in the first ten years of my life that I'd definitely go back and change/erase, That I think have affected my life negatively for the long term ever since. So if I could go back, Relive my life from the start, On my terms, I would like to correct those things. If for no other reason than to be better off today as a 28 year old.

  • It depends on how it would work

    If I got to choose what age I'd be & if my mindset was the same as it was at that age But! Still maintain memories of my adulthood because I know that'd be all I'd need to do things better & correct a few mistakes I'd be ok if I made new mistakes but! I'd still have the power to aim my future more carefully! In a better direction

    Posted by: RH1
  • Yes but not because of regrets

    I want to relive when I was younger and innocent. When I was happier and times were simple. It’s been too long since I’ve laughed until I cried or my sides hurt. I feel like life won’t ever be as good as that. Being an adult in this day and age is not what I want my life to be like. I wish my friends and I could forever be little kids without a worry in the world.

  • Yes, but return to record the events accurately with camcorder.

    Whilst not viewing this through rose tinted spectacles, I would relive my life in the 70's and 80's as whilst we had difficulties in life, it felt so much better and more free, music and the atmosphere was so much better. Yes there are small aspects I would alter, but not too many. I'd pay attention to my surroundings more and live my life better. Yes I miss that time in my life.

  • Yes. It is my only path to true happiness.

    I would go back to the end of high school. I would not have let my one true love pass me by due to my naivety and complacentness. It is the one empty spot in my life that can no longer be filled. It was my one path to true happiness that I can no longer take. I would also work much harder to provide a better life for me and my family.

  • Yes. It is my only path to true happiness.

    I would go back to the end of high school. I would not have let my one true love pass me by due to my naivety and complacentness. It is the one empty spot in my life that can no longer be filled. It was my one path to true happiness that I can no longer take. I would also work much harder to provide a better life for me and my family.

  • Yes and make multiple changes

    All throughout my childhood I always wanted to do sports like basketball and I wanted to dance. My family never let me do dance or gymnastics like I wanted to. I played basketball in 2nd grade but was so bad that they never played me in games. In 7th grade I played volleyball and I wasn't terrible I'd say I was decent but all the other girls had years of experience so I never got played. I tried out in 8th grade but had family things over Christmas break and got kicked off. High school is the main thing i'd like to redo. I was in color guard for 3 years and it got in the way of soooo many things. I couldn't do volleyball at all in high school because of color guard and I really wanted to. I also signed up to do student council for my sophomore year but didn't try hard enough to get enough signatures to be in it. If I could've done those things I would've been able to make something of myself in high school. I could've been somebody you know? But I didn't. My freshman and sophomore year I was in my "emo phase" so everyone knew me as the weird emo kid and I was always the person that people were only nice to if they had to. Whenever someone is nice to me it still seems really forced. My junior year I realized it was time to change if I planned on making some friends so I started listening to strictly rap and rap music and trying to be friends with the ghetto kids so I could seem cool. It didn't work I still always was looked as "her" like the weird kid everyone felt bad for but didn't care enough to actually do anything. I should add that I still was in color guard so volleyball was still out. I didn't get a prom date and both the groups I asked to be in ditched me last minute. Now I'm siting here, a senior who quit color guard and just realizing that I basically ruined my reputation. My name is never said without a negative context. Nobody really likes me. I just fade into the background. I wanted to be somebody. I wanted to find a high school sweetheart. I just wanted to be liked. But now it's too late and none of that is going to happen. I've never gotten asked to a dance. I've never even had my first kiss or held hands with someone. I don't want to tell my kids about me in high school because they would be heartbroken. So yes I would change it all if I could.

  • Only if I could keep my memories

    I think about this all the time. Yes, I'm aware of the butterfly effect and all of that... But I am not yet old enough that I have much to loose. I love my parents and my sibling, but nothing I could do would prevent their birth since they're all older. Yes, I love my friends and I know life could be a lot worse, but I regret a lot of things I did when I was younger (sticking with those girls I used to call friends, for instance). If I could keep my memories, I would be able to do well in school effortlessly, spend more time learning good life skills, and actually spend time with my best friends instead of neglecting them to be with the 'cool kids'. And maybe I wouldn't stay in the closet for so long, either.

  • Well, technically we are reliving are lives over and over again that's what i believe happens depending on certain views explanation in the argument below

    What i'm saying is not reincarnation but my theory is technically depending on how we die,and there is a heaven and hell and if you don't believe that that's fine but listen anyways, think about your personal heaven(the greatest thing that you could possibly imagine that would happen to you.) and then think about your personal hell(find your deepest(so deep that you don't know what it is) darkest fear is. And then 1,000,000,000,000,000(1 Quadrillion ) times worst. And that what your personal hell would be like. And the only correct religion is christianity by the way and read my entire life story at mylifestorytrueandcontroversial.Blogspot.Com and i don't give a care if it's too long, I still expect you to read my life story considering it's from when i was age 4 up until 2015. And I don't give a care if it's too long for you to read, oh boohoo, boohoo, do you want me to call the wahmbulance because my lifestory that is 100% true is too long for you to read oh booohoo, yourself.

  • I would give anything

    This is a thought i have often. I would give or do anything to have a second chance to go back to when I was a teenager or even younger to undo all of my mistakes and seize missed opportunities. I could have done so much more if i had not been so scared and self-conscious. I feel like my entire life has been a waste. But I would only want to go back if I could know everything then I know now.

  • Why rewrite your own memories? It's depressing

    I wouldn't want to relive my life, i would rather relive my past, if that makes any sense. I wouldn't want to change what happened in the past, even if it was a bad thing. These bad and good memories are what create a new opportunity for your future. You are supposed to learn from the past not change it.

  • Going back and fixing mistakes seems like a good thing but what if it caused the most important events to not happen.

    Doing things over and making better decisions could have some very positive results. I may be able to change my career path, prevent painful or bad events in my life or prevent myself from hurting someone. But what if one little change caused enough things to change and my children are never born. There is nothing I could gain that could ever make it worth the risk of the 2 best parts of my life. Any pain I endured in the past Is a pain I would gladly keep to protect the only things that truly mater.

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