If you had an option, would you relive your life again?

Asked by: jaze
  • I wanted to relive my live again

    I wanted to re-live my live once again because I just wanted to fix my mistakes that I made and undo everything I did wrong in the past. I just couldn't take it dealing with people who hates me. I get really depressed about people who hates me. I just wanted to fix everything. :-(

  • Reliving my life

    If I can go back in time to re-live my life again, I'll undo everything what I did wrong and try things differently and try to save my friend from dying of liver failure. I've been trying hard to make my wish to go back in time to re-live my life with a spell but nothing seems to work.

  • I would take this afterlife postponement option without hesitation on one condition. . .

    Only if I could have my mind NOW in that younger me. An adult consciousness, With all my present memories, Education, Knowledge, Experience and the muscle memory of trained activities(Art: Visual, Literary, Musical, Martial. . . ) all packed into my single digit years. I'd start off at age 6, Right after I had my first near death experience, Sledding into an oncoming car. I'd quickly write down as much of the chronology gap I could remember in regards to major historical events; Berlin Wall, Mid-East wars, 911, Pop culture trends, Successful companies, Market trends, Cannabis legalization timeline, Best stocks to invest in, Etc. As time continues, I'd probably forget about the first playthrough so it would be best to use the memory while I have it.
    I'd mostly do more to help all those around me, Improving their lives. I would certainly spend more time developing skills, Knowledge and harnessing all natural talents to focus on a more successful path that would benefit all my friends, Family and even larger circles.
    It's like playing a video game RPG, Skyrim for instance. I've played that game all the way through a few times, Travelled the open world map, Met just about everyone and experienced the corresponding storylines. The second time around I knew just what to do for every situation, Even tried different decisions with better outcomes for some that ended badly the first time.
    Reliving moments that terrified me at the time, With the hindsight of how benign the situation really was, Is a fantasy I cannot ignore. To confront bullies using years of MMA training, Packed into a child's body, Not to dominate, But rather to make friends of enemies. Oh and of course, It's also a big "cheat code" that could be financially beneficial in in so many ways, But that's an afterthought, Not unlike Bif's sports betting scheme in Back To The Future 3.
    Really, I'd focus more on enjoying those moments as opposed to being so focused on anywhere but there, Anytime but then. . . For most of my life. Hmm. . . I suppose I'm doing that now with this little fantasy. I shall leave now, To enjoy the NOW. That's really all any of us have after all.

  • I would love too

    I really would like to go back. I miss my old life as a kid and would like to stay there. Such carefree times. The fear of death also freaks me out and I really don't want my life to end. I really would go back to to back then.

  • I just want to relive my school days

    I just want to have fun again with my friends that I'll probably lose. Even though I'm currently going through school I'm scared of losing my friends and my friend group. I don't want this all to end I want to keep living this kind of life. Full of fun and no troubles.

  • Yes, Its the only thing i truly desire.

    I didn’t get to live a great deal of my own life; I had much of it stolen from me. The truth is all I want is to go back and change that event and live my life. I would change almost everything even though my current life isn’t what most would consider bad. I live in a perpetual hell of regret and longing trying to fill a void that can never be filled by anything other than what I lost. If god offered me heaven itself I would turn it down if he would let me go back and change my life.

  • Going back in time

    Come to think of it Yes. Lived a carefree life in India, Until sudden death of father brought Lie to a standstill. Lacking experience, Was unable to cope with problems that came up resulting in many mistakes that could have been be avoided. That was the base of an unstable life that ensued.

  • Change who I'm currently living and spending my life with

    I always had an on and off again relationship, And I really wish I would have left it at off. I wake up every day wishing I wasn't with who I was today because most days she makes life so hard for me. She's constantly complaining about times when I'm not with her and its like "dang girl I freaking live with you, Let me be alone for at least 5 minutes damn" of course I don't tell her that but sometimes I wish I could. If I could go back in time and relive my high school years I'd make sure I was done after the first break up. The only "alone time" is when I'm in the restroom so I usually take at least 30 minutes maybe more. I wish I could break up with her but tells me they if I do she'll probably kill herself which doesn't make it any easier, Damn I'm so miserable.

  • I'd go back to the 90's and stay there.

    It's two fold. On one hand I was born in 90 and experienced my childhood in a decade that I think was pretty solid regardless of what age you were at the time, But especially so if you were a kid. Economically, Culturally, Technologically. It was an easy going/exciting time to be alive. The West was still The West (if you know what I mean). It hadn't yet gotten silly and stupid.

    Second fold, There are some things that I missed experiencing in the 90's as a child that I think I've been remiss without my entire life. There are also a few experiences and circumstances I dealt with in the first ten years of my life that I'd definitely go back and change/erase, That I think have affected my life negatively for the long term ever since. So if I could go back, Relive my life from the start, On my terms, I would like to correct those things. If for no other reason than to be better off today as a 28 year old.

  • It depends on how it would work

    If I got to choose what age I'd be & if my mindset was the same as it was at that age But! Still maintain memories of my adulthood because I know that'd be all I'd need to do things better & correct a few mistakes I'd be ok if I made new mistakes but! I'd still have the power to aim my future more carefully! In a better direction

    Posted by: RH1
  • Not everything will be fixed

    Sure I will be able to fix some areas, But who is to say that i will not have new and maybe bigger problems. This would be like an infinite loop to want to go back and fix what did not work the last time round.

    So overall it's not worth all the trouble and not to mention all my friends would have moved. Too much trouble.

  • Some Things Aren't Worth Going Through Again

    I am attached to the past partly because I don't look foward to the future. Thinking about the future is depressing. I hate thinking about family dying off, Idiocracies, Robots, And it goes on. I'm 30 and already thinking like this. The past includes when late loved ones were living, Extended family gatherings, Family vacations, And list goes on. I would like to relive those moments. I also do not want to relive the past because of horrible times. I was bullied and couldn't do a thing because I was a runt. Things seemed to turn out fine. I moved and got bullied at new school. Because of those traumas, Those moments are not worth reliving.

  • Why rewrite your own memories? It's depressing

    I wouldn't want to relive my life, i would rather relive my past, if that makes any sense. I wouldn't want to change what happened in the past, even if it was a bad thing. These bad and good memories are what create a new opportunity for your future. You are supposed to learn from the past not change it.

  • Going back and fixing mistakes seems like a good thing but what if it caused the most important events to not happen.

    Doing things over and making better decisions could have some very positive results. I may be able to change my career path, prevent painful or bad events in my life or prevent myself from hurting someone. But what if one little change caused enough things to change and my children are never born. There is nothing I could gain that could ever make it worth the risk of the 2 best parts of my life. Any pain I endured in the past Is a pain I would gladly keep to protect the only things that truly mater.

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