If you had or acquired some type of special ability, would you tell people?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Yes, But Only A Couple

    I think the ONLY people I would tell are ones that I would really want to know; probably not my family, because I have a shaky relationship with them, but probably a couple people my age who may have the same interests I do, ones that I could probably trust on anything. I mean, I need to tell SOMEONE, because if I had some sort of weird MLP power, I really would not want to keep it to myself.


    If you had super powers, dont tell your enemy who you are, but tell your family so they know to be careful. The life of super hero is dangerous, but also very interesting. Be hepful in a whole new way, more then cops or fire fighters can every be. YEAH

  • I would tell people

    If i did not they would eventually find out that something is going wrong and hunt you down so if you told someone right away then they would let you be free and let you do what you want to do. The people would eventually respect you for who you are.

  • No, not unless:

    No, not unless they could be trusted. Close family members, maybe. I wouldn't tell anyone else. Despite being fantasy in the media, it's probably true that if "super-powers" were possible, the government would seek to research it. It would be particularly useful if the ability was easy to conceal, such as invisibility. You didn't really ask, but I would definitely want telekinesis.

  • Secrecy is essential

    Possessing some type of superhuman power is best kept confidential. You will draw unwanted attention to yourself if other people were to find out; people would be demanding favors from you, then of course, the government would desire your power, not to mention wanting to experiment on you, and they would not respect individual rights.

  • Why would I Need to?

    If i had a special power it could be my secret and knowledge is power.
    So then I would have two powers an you can keep adding and adding until you are the most powerful person in the world but no one would ever know. And that would add to your power see what i mean?

  • Why would you

    If you do not tell people that you have a special ability, you would be able to use your powers for or against them without them having knowledge. You would also get a lot of unwanted attention if everyone knew that you had special powers and abilities that they don't

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