If you had the money, would you send your child to a private school?

Asked by: Samallama
  • I would send my child.

    A private education is something that has to be paid for. A private school is like college, and college is paid for and the quality varies. I disagree when people say that it gives people unfair advantages. It sets people for a better life and adaptive learning style. Compare a college like Harvard to some Community College. You would much rather go to Harvard, and the same as a private vs public school. There is definitely a reason as to why it is beneficial for someone’s child to go to a private school. They are also generally better etiquette-wise and there is less problems. It’s more tame and high quality, which I do not see as a problem.

  • They can be no equality in society.

    Not only would i never send MY child to a private school, i largely disagree with others sending their children to private schools.

    There can be no equality in a society which allows for consumers to pay for healthcare, education and the like. If all is provided by the state, then those who are lesser off will not suffer, and everyone can be equal.

  • Equality in society

    I would not send my child to a private school. Not because I don't think they are better than public schools, but because the idea of private schools is wrong. Paying money to get your child a better education is against an equal society. It makes it more likely that poverty and low-income will pass on through the generations, making it harder to break out of the cycle of being poor and uneducated. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to do well in the society.

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zolly1988 says2014-01-03T21:52:54.857
Yes. I feel my daughter would benefit from the quality of teaching and the extra curricular activities such as dance, musical instruments, languages, etc taught from a young age.

Private schools are all about talented children, well I would like pushy teachers to force my daughter's talents out of the woodwork, and let her recognise her potential and take it further.

Mainstream schools are just too busy defending their bullying policies!