If you had the money, would you spend $1.6 million on a Halloween costume?

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  • No, I spending that much money on a costume is not justified.

    No, I would not spend $1.6 million on a Halloween costume because there
    are more important things that I could my money towards. I could donate
    to charities or help others in need. Frivolous spending is a problem in our country and I would not want to contribute to the stereotype.

  • Waste of money

    Why buy a $1.6 million costume when you can buy one with around a thousand dollars? The $1.6 million would have been better used donated to charity or charitable causes. That way money used would help the society and allow you to contribute to the society. An outrageously expensive Halloween suit cannot do that.

  • What is the point??

    Halloween only comes around once very year. What is the point of expending $1.6 million dollars on something that is only useful for a few hours a year. There are many more things that could be done with the money rather than spending it on something that is practically useless for the better part of 364 days.

  • This is Insane

    First of all adults should leave Halloween to children. Secondly, anyone who would spend that much on a Halloween costume must have some serious issues. Having a Halloween costume made of diamonds is a seriously pathetic cry for attention. I would ridicule anyone who would spend that much on a Halloween costume.

  • I would never spend more than $100 for a Halloween costume.

    With the amount of starving people in today's world, it is asinine that anyone would spend an outrageous amount of money on a costume. I would never consider it; personally, I don't believe in celebrating this pagan holiday anyway, but for those who do, why spend so much money on one occasion? It just doesn't make sense.

  • $1.6 million Halloween costume is unjustifiable!

    One does not need a $1.6 million costume to have fun on Halloween. Spend less on the costume and do something better with the money. Have a Halloween ball for a charity. Invite all those who are less fortunate. And announce your donation to that charity during that event. That would be a better way of spending the $1.6 million! And a more appropriate wow-factor!

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