If you had to choose, Would you rather have the United States of America or the European Union to completely dominate the world?

Asked by: francisan06
  • Nothing Good Comes From a Committee

    If your idea in choosing a Country to run the world is for it to solve all your issues, Then you have lost before you have begun. If your idea is for that nation, Or Union of Nations, To provide a stable platform for society to build a more solid lifestyle, Then you have to go with the US. At least the US as it was before, Or after it sheds its Leftist tendencies. No Nation has prospered as quickly, Or jetted to the forefront of the World stage as the US has. No nation has made the strides in science as the US has. When the US embraces the Free-Market system it encourages its people to be their best for the betterment of themselves and their families. Society always benefits from that progress.

    The EU is a mesh-mash of Nations rarely working towards a common goal and far more often working to undermine, Or freeload, Off their fellow member Nations. Were it not for the economic strength of Germany and England the entire EU would be sinking rapidly towards 3rd World Country status. Most of these countries are Socialist or Communist and NO Socialist or Communist country has ever succeeded.

    Is the US perfect? No. Is, Has, Or will, Any country ever be perfect? No. But the US offers opportunities that have never been seen before in the history of mankind. I'll take the leadership of the US, With its flaws, Over the pending collapse of the EU any day. And as for Russia. . . They can't even keep toilet paper on the store shelves.

  • US definitely, But not just because I'm there.

    I'll be completely honest, I'd trust most individual nations before the European Union. They're as sketchy as Russia to me, And I come from the USA, Which is supposed to be the ally of the EU's countries. Then again, That falls apart when the EU exerts control over it. The EU should've stayed an economic agreement, And I sympathize heavily with Brexit (although the question comes, Why the Brits before the Polish? ). If it was just one nation in the EU, Then I'd be fine with it. I disagree heavily with most of their politics, But I'd rather have Austria calling the shots than a coalition of nations. The EU should not have the powers of a state.

  • F**k the US and EU

    Russia should, We drink vodka, We make good vodka and we have a vaccine for the coronavirus all the stupid US and EU dumb cunts just drink beer and f**k the furries and enjoy school shootings cause their stupid fuckers. The EU knows how to bring refugees in but don't know how to take them out what stupid f*cking idiots now there being overrun and their country getting destroyed.

  • Neither Of Them

    Honestly nobody should dominate the world. The idea that the world should be dominated by any country needs to die. Countries should cooperate with each other for the good of every nation. America needs to mind its own business and stop setting itself up as world police. I say this as an American.

  • As an American citizen

    I hate to admit but this place is a shit show the problems with the current US would only become even worse if they were put on a global scale. Now by no means is the EU perfect i do believe that it would do better than the US could.

  • I would prefer to have the EU.

    Much more representative of the world situation, Historical colonial ties with almost every country, Similar ideas of Western representative democracy to the US, Much more educated populace (generally), And doesn't fight for the interests of a few (also generally. ) European rule, In my opinion, Is much more comfortable than American rule.

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