• If I had to

    If a criminal attacked me or my family and the only weapon I had was a gun then yes, I would defend myself through the proper means. It is idiotic that liberals are against this right to protect ourselves and want to ban guns so the criminals can have guns and we get to be defenseless.

  • If it was necessary, then yes

    Killing someone, at least I believe, is always wrong, but sometimes it is certainly needed. I would without hesitation kill a man trying to kill me or a loved one, or other people. I think I would feel awful about it afterwards, but if it needed to be done then yes.

  • Yes I probably would

    If there was a situation were it is life or death I would probably kill somebody like in self defence or to protect a loved one. Like if somebody has a gun pointed at me or a loved one I would probably do something or if it was you, you would probably do something to, right?

  • Only if I had to

    If I was in a situation where it was kill or be killed, I would not hesitate to kill. You target me or anyone else I care about, then it's curtains - for the criminal. "Let the law handle it" I've been told. But the law is a total farce.

  • I'm training to be a police officer. I believe if you threaten me or another innocent civilian you shouldn't deserve to live.

    If you came at me and or an innocent person I'm going to do what I can to stop you and if the only way is to shoot you and you die then I'm sorry but you've tried to take an innocent life you don't deserve one after that. That is purely my decision. However I would feel guilty and I'd never stop thinking about it.

  • I would easily do it

    I already had this talk and even though I'm 17, I can already say without a doubt that I can and will kill without hesitation. But only if I need to, like if I had to kill my dad because he's coming at me because something bad happened, or my brother, I will do it without hesitation or without feeling bad.

  • Yes, I would without hesitation

    To be honest. There are lots of people who can kill, but will the decision to kill haunt them forever?? Me, I have been in war, I have seen dead people and I have killed myself. After everything that I experience I would kill without hesitation and also with no remorse. I would not feel bad about it.

  • Why not if you have too.

    Since he or she will kill you. Life is not a waste and its your right to live it so don't let anyone destroying it. Anyway, even the law allows that so why are you stopping yourself by cutting of your life.
    No matter how bad you feel, bear this in mind that your age is your fate. So if you kill somebody means their age is over.

  • Yes I would without hesitation

    Ok hear me out, If there was a gun in the middle of the room and someone said that the only way to leave is for one person to die, I damn sure will grab that gun and shoot the other person without question. Why? Because I love life and I don't want to die. If I have the choice where I am or someone I love/care for is in danger and killing them stops that danger then I will kill with no hesitation.

  • No I will not kill some one it would be a simple punishment. I would rather watch them rot in Jail for their crime.

    If someone were to hurt someone you love why kill them. Give em all hell beat their ass to the ground. A gun in America is to destroy a corrupt Government not to kill someone on the streets. What is better to see this person dead on the floor and not let them correct their wrongs or let them live and deal with the punishment.

  • I would try not to

    No human is perfect, and I would not kill anyone unless i was absolutely forced to. Even if a criminal attacked a loved one, I would hurt them just enough to not get hurt myself. I believe that no life deserves to be lost. Everyone has a right to live.

  • Nope, I probably wouldn't

    Well, I'm kind of both. If I had to I would do anything I could to not. But if Ii was protecting a loved one, then I would have to. It is very wrong, fur sure! But I guess I would have to if I was protecting someone. For sure the police and army should though.

  • No I wouldn't

    I'm one of those people who don't really value their life, if i HAD to kill somebody than i would try all i could to let them live and have me die instead! But, say if i had to kill somebody to save the one I love, then i'm sorry, but i would be killing someone, she deserves to be happy! If i tried all i could to try and avoid killing someone I would do it all the way to point of having me die instead, life is unfair, my life doesn't come before anyone else's

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